podlod 10:44 11 Aug 2010

Hi, I have many icons on my desktop and have been informed by a pc associate that it helps slow down my pc. Is there anyway I can put them all together in able for me to reach them instantly without going to programs? I meant to ask the pc guy I have just been chatting too, but forgot, so if your reading this, sorry.

  johndrew 10:56 11 Aug 2010

Any program you either don't use regularly or is a 'just in case' option can be disabled at startup saving time and memory. They can always be started from 'Start/All Programs' if you need them.

Have a look at click here it may help.

  tullie 11:00 11 Aug 2010

As far as i am aware,they are only shortcuts to the programe,and have no bearing on your pc speed.The only ones that affect anything are those in your taskbar,near the clock.

  gengiscant 11:08 11 Aug 2010

Hi again,just create folders on your desktop- call them something associated with its contents-ie security-then put in all your antivirus antispy in fact ant everything.
Another folder could be called tools with subfolders named audio-for and sotware related to any music files.Call another video for software concerned with that
If you play games create a folder and stick your game icons in and so on.

I have just 5 folders on my dektop and I know that there are folk here who have even less.
It makes for a neater desktop and will shave a bit of time when you boot your PC.
As Johndrew has stated disable any program that really does not need to start when you boot your pc. You can use msconfig in the run command to find out what is starting and what you can disable.

  gengiscant 11:12 11 Aug 2010

Ignore the bit about shaving a bit of time on boot,I was thinking of something else entirely,comes with being such a slow typist,my brain is further ahead than my 1 finger typing.

  podlod 15:06 11 Aug 2010

Hi, thank you all for your help in the enquiry, as I now will carry out the advice given by G, thanks again!

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