icon-three different colour shapes in corner ?

  susi67 16:32 10 Apr 2004

Does anyone know what this icon means?
A rectangle with 3 different colour shapes inside.
If I knew what the icon meant maybe I could solve my problem.

  johnnyrocker 16:33 10 Apr 2004

one posting is generally sufficient.


  Djohn 16:36 10 Apr 2004

It generally refers to the fact you need to install Java or macromedia flash to view the image. j.

  johnnyrocker 16:37 10 Apr 2004

if you have spyware blaster on board by default it blocks macromedia.


  susi67 16:54 10 Apr 2004

Thank you Djohn.

johnny, I asked a different question in my other posting so I really don't think you needed to add that particular comment, did you?

I don't have spyware blaster, is there anything else that interferes with flash?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:34 10 Apr 2004

Try a reinstall of flash from macromedia.com

  susi67 17:39 10 Apr 2004

Tried a reinstall of flash but still no joy.

  Wak 09:54 11 Apr 2004

The icon you have in the top corner can also mean that you are trying to open a PDF file when you haven't got Acrobat Reader available within IE.
Go back to the web page where you clicked on a link and try and download the contents of that link on to the Desk top.
When you have done that, open the file on your desk top using Acrobat reader.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:42 11 Apr 2004

How about trying a different browser; Mozilla FireFox is good - mozilla.org

  Djohn 13:33 11 Apr 2004

Your welcome susi67. I found that even though I had Java, macomedia flash and Apple quick time installed on my PC, there was still a program that would not open in a course I'm doing.

Same symptoms as yourself, a small window with the three icons top left corner. [Circle triangle and a square in different colour's]. I needed to download a plug-in to make the program run.

If your running 98se or XP, XP SP1 then you should have Java, if you have XP SP1a this comes without java and you will need to download the "Sun" version. Check your version of operating system if it's XP and download Sun Java if required. Also check for macromedia flash and Apple quick time. j.

  mistyeyes1 14:18 11 Apr 2004

I have never written to these sites before so I hope it comes out properley. I have the same problem with blank boxes that have 3 shapes in corner have downloaded Java and abode reader but still have empty boxes.Any ideas

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