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  Quiet Life 22:49 19 Apr 2008

I was reading this post
click here
and decided to put an icon on my web site.
I tried as above and I thought no joy but I found later, on three other machines,that I have the icon showed fine.
However on the machine I use for Front Page it does not show. Is there some setting in IE that could be different? All machines use IE7

  Kemistri 23:48 19 Apr 2008

"All machines use IE7"

Welcome to the weird world of IE bugs. Previous builds were never very consistent at finding and displaying favicons, so I suppose that it has not been fixed in version 7. I don't usually use favicons unless specifically requested, so I have not paid any attention to IE7's handling of them.

No great loss; there are far more serious bugs yet to be ironed out.

  Patr100 04:06 20 Apr 2008

I find favicons come and go unpreedictably whatever IE version you use, It may be connected with temp internet files and expire. Revisiting the site can refresh them but not forever.

  Quiet Life 18:34 20 Apr 2008

Uninstalled IE7 and then downloaded it but the favicon still not showing on this PC. Loaded Opera and it shows OK.
Very strange that the other PCs running same version of IE7 show it OK.

  Kemistri 23:43 20 Apr 2008

That's not strange, really. Like I said, welcome to IE bugs.

  Quiet Life 22:52 25 Apr 2008

Thanks Kemistri it looks as if IE7 is not consistent in how it operates. Question not resolved but as you rightly say welcome to the IE bugs.

  Quiet Life 22:09 13 May 2008

Most odd but today the icon appeared on all the pages on the main PC. Why only IE7 knows!!

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