User-178362 22:05 17 Apr 2007

I have a blue bare with a yellow folder next to it the letters IC, then the normal three boxes one for shrinking one for enlarging and the red box for closing. When I enlarge and open it up inside it says card reader driver vl.9e2 if I click on that, it opens up to more icons. Looks like the software for the driver if that makes sense. I was going to tell you what they said but I must have closed it as it's no longer there. It will be back when I start the PC again. Sounds strange but can anyone advise me please. I have recently bought myself a card reader which is plugged in but I have had this card reader two weeks and this bar has only been on the screen a day or two.

  ArrGee 22:42 17 Apr 2007

I really cannot fathom out, at all what-so-ever, what you are attempting to descriibe here. 'Blue bare' or blue bear? The normal three 'boxes'?

Are these three boxes on your desktop or within an application?

When you enlarge what and open it?

I know I should be a little more patient as you have posted this under 'absolute beginners', but please help us to help you.

In other words, what on earth are you trying to describe here?

Begin to describe your problems from the point you switch your PC on, what has changed, what have you loaded on, any new hardware (apart from the card reader), your operating system (XP, 98, Vista etc) and what you want to do.

  ArrGee 22:44 17 Apr 2007

Sorry, just realised that from your name you are running XP Pro. Is it Media Centre edition?

  User-178362 23:07 17 Apr 2007

Blue bar, like the one at the top of a page just as we do on this one, only instead of saying Forums IC PC Advisor it has a yellow folder that I can click on and open up, to find icons inside the folder does this make more sense. Sorry I do not know what you mean when you say is it a Media Centre edition.

  User-178362 23:10 17 Apr 2007

The blue bar is on the desk top when I log onto the PC.

  ArrGee 23:20 17 Apr 2007

Seems like you've either inadvertantly picked up a virus (or trojan) or are using a browser tha is different to Internet Explorer.

Run these two applications and see what happens:

click here

click here

  brundle 23:48 17 Apr 2007

Sounds like you've accidentally added the folder as a new toolbar, right click inside the blue bar and select Close Toolbar.

  brundle 23:49 17 Apr 2007

Or your PC is automatically reloading windows that were open when you last shut down.

  User-178362 15:37 18 Apr 2007

Thank you Brundle I think you could have been right on 23.48 post, Not sure what you mean on the 23.49. The problem has gone How? It a mastery maybe I right clicked when I closed it. Thanks again for the help I have received.

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