IBM ThinkPad Wireless Problem

  jimforrest 01:22 17 Mar 2015

After the failure of my HDD in my usual laptop left me temporarilly without any internet connection, I purchased a 2nd hand IBM ThinkPad T40 to keep as a back-up. It arrived today, booted up into Win7 but will not connect to my Wifi router (a Wannado unit).

It can 'see' the wireless connection but, after putting in the (right) key, it reports that it cannot connect. Letting it go through its diagnoses routine it says it can't fix the problem and I should reset my network adaptor. But it doesn't say how!

Looking in Device Mnr there are 2 adaptors - an Intel Pro/1000 MT Mobile Conn, and an Intel Pro Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adaptor. Both report that they are up to date and working ok. The wireless connection is in use by another computer so it works fine. I put the Router in 'find' mode to no affect. There doesn't seem to be a key combination to physically switch the Wifi off on the laptop, but the little indicator light stays on most of the time, with short periods of going off (about 2 secs). Why isn't life simple?

By the way - Microsoft Help's solution - go online to look for help !!

  xania 10:59 17 Mar 2015

Don't know the specifics, but I would guess you may have a faulty unit. Discuss the problem with your vendor.

  lotvic 12:34 17 Mar 2015

AFAIK to reset the Network Adapter you Disable it and then re-enable it. (In Network and Sharing Center, Manage network connections and rightclick on network adapter icon)

  jimforrest 15:49 17 Mar 2015

Ok chaps - I disabled the network, rebooted, re-enabled it, rebooted ,,, and ,,, no difference! So I connected a LAN cable and it connected immediately.

Shame to pack it all up again and send it back - is there any chance I can change or substitute the network adaptor - perhaps with something plugged into a USB port?

  jimforrest 16:43 17 Mar 2015

Following the post above - using the LAN connection I went to IBM Support to look for a new driver for the Win7 (32 bit). Only one was listed as applicable for the T40 but for XP & Win 2000. I downloaded it anyway (1rwc89ww.exe), and installed it. No difference! I'll keep looking for a Win7 Driver.

  lotvic 16:51 17 Mar 2015

I'm intrigued about your IBM Thinkpad T40, I've got a very old one running XP pro. I think it dates from about 2003. You say you've got Windows 7 on so is yours a slightly newer one? such as the Levnovo Thinkpad T40 maybe?

My network controller only does wireless protocols: 802.11b and 802.11a Wi-Fi standards along with Bluetooth (as far as I can remember...) don't know if that makes any difference to the prob you've got.

  lotvic 16:54 17 Mar 2015

Ah, we cross posted, I should have refreshed page before posting :)

  jimforrest 17:26 17 Mar 2015

I have been on the IBM/Lenovo support site - what a nightmare! Reading the forum answers it seems to suggest that it's something to do with Power Management (??) It's a shame they don't just show a list of drivers for each machine for a particular O/S.

I did try a 'free driver update' site - but they now insist on downloading their toolbars/ad software. Once you could refuse this, but now if you do it stops the download!

I took a look at the underside of the T40 - it's surprisingly devoid of stickers! There is one that says 'Type 2373 - 72a -s/n 99-pm783 03/07. No Win7 sticker so I assume the previous owner loaded it himself. It is activated and gives an ID under 'Computer' in Control Panel.

Whilst trying to get the Wifi to work it can 'see' loads of Wifi networks (from neighbours) but just can't connect. What if I delete the adaptor driver, reboot and boot again with the LAN connected. Will it look for it itself?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 17 Mar 2015

Whilst trying to get the Wifi to work it can 'see' loads of Wifi network

Then the wireless card is working OK, problem will be with security settings of router or laptop.

Which wannado router? livebox?

  lotvic 18:34 17 Mar 2015

I'll have a look at mine, I'll dig it out and fire it up. But as far as I remember it now uses the O2 connection manager (not windows one) as I had a dongle attached at one time, and I never uninstalled the connection manager.

Haven't had it powered up for months and I've moved house etc. so will have to try to connect with this WiFi router... will let you know how I get on and post any relevant info.

  jimforrest 19:20 17 Mar 2015

Thanks Lotvic - and yes it is a Livebox. You are correct - originally it was used in conjunction with a 'dongle', but I assumed it was because laptops didn't have inbuilt adaptors. When I put the WEP key in it always tries to connect and then reports that it can't connect and says I should reset the adaptor.

I have the original Wanadoo installation disc but it's for 16 bit I think and locks up in Instal. I haven't had this trouble connecting other comps to the Wifi and haven't had to use the CD.

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