IBM Thinkpad 600e Type 2645 HDD Upgrade Help

  six-h 21:52 04 Oct 2010

I've been given this laptop running an Intel P2 363MHz processor and 192MB of PC100 SDRAM.
It is surprisingly happy running XP Pro SP2 but I can't install SP3 yet since there is only 156MB of space left on the 3.2GB HDD !!

So, first job:
I have a spare 20GB drive from another Laptop, How can I ascertain whether this machine will see it?

  DarCol 22:39 04 Oct 2010

they need to be the same kind of HDD, and if it's compatible with your laptop, it will be recognizable. Also, you will need to format that drive, before using it.

  woodchip 22:54 04 Oct 2010

I have a old Toshiba upgraded the Hard Drive to 20Gb no problem. Think this will be a lot older than yours as it runs 98se slow

  kjrider 23:03 04 Oct 2010

I used to have one myself. Its very easy to change the HD - just one screw and it slots out. You can put in another, as long as its a 2.5" IDE.

If you have got your XP pro CD you could install it on the larger HD. Otherwise you could try and clone the HD, which will transfer all your files and data across. See what make the HD as the makers usually have Clone and other software on their website.

You might need to clean up some of the files off your old HD before you start to clone it.

I have now upgraded to an X22 Thinkpad.

Have fun


  six-h 23:26 04 Oct 2010

Thanks DarCol, I've only done this once before, hence the spare 20GB drive, according to the laptop's manual,it's a 2.5" DMA mode 2 /PIO mode 4 / ATA-33/66/100 (Ultra DMA)
The one currently in the Thinkpad is a hitachi DK237A-32, no more description than that.
I have searched the net and found them for sale, listed as :-

Does it look as if the 20GB unit will work??
Or do I need to find out some more info, if so ...what!?

  six-h 23:39 04 Oct 2010

woodchip, it looks as if it began life in October 1999, since the serial No is appended "10/99", and there is some reference to the millennium bug!

kjrider, yes, very accessible, similar modules to the Dell machines.
I must admit that the drive unit is indistinguishable from the 20GB unit I have spare......but I suppose that's no guarantee! lol

I've got Acronis True Image, so I can clone the old drive onto the new one, after I've cleaned it much crap can there be on a 3.2GB drive alongside the OS!!

  DarCol 23:45 04 Oct 2010

It should work, both of them are 2,5" and here is some more info:

The first version of what is now called the ATA/ATAPI interface was developed by Western Digital under the name Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)

So they are the same interface.

And also:

The term Integrated Drive Electronics refers not just to the connector and interface definition, but also to the fact that the drive controller is integrated into the drive.

So the facts show us they are compatible. give it a try, and tell us how is it doing. Take care!

  six-h 23:55 04 Oct 2010

Thanks DarCol, I'm not really clever enough to be doing this but what the hell!
The 20GB drive I'm thinking of installing still has a bootable copy of XP Home on it; if I just swap 'em over, presuming the machine can see the new drive, would it boot from it?
I don't want to actually use that installation, but just want to verify quickly that the drive is viable.

  six-h 00:29 05 Oct 2010

kjrider, as one with hands on experience of the 600E Thinkpad, can you advise me re the odd palaver I go through when booting.
Usually there's a black screen with just a
"kb count" in the top left, then a couple of beeps and finally the Thinkpad logo completes the screen.....then nothing changes...I get impatient and re-boot.
This time, after the kb count and beeps, there's a white window, approx 6"x6", with pale blue text proclaiming:- "Error Code XXX".
Pressing "Enter" this changes to the Time/Date setting (usually within half an hour of the right time), still in the dinky pale blue on white.
Correcting this and hitting enter, I'm left with another White/Pale Blue screen, but this time it just has two words...."Off > On", and these just alternately highlight.....I have no way of inputting anything, so again, re-boot, and finally see the "Loader" across the bottom of the screen, you know, like this..|||||||||||||||||||
Any ideas what's wrong, could it be the cmos battery? there a cmos it soldered in?!!

  woodchip 13:18 05 Oct 2010

Its just a case of hitting the right key when its booting, for BIOS settings

  six-h 14:28 05 Oct 2010

Hi woodchip, I was just a bit concerned 'cos the way it booted up was so flakey.
The screens I was getting were very much like BIOS screens, but I could type in information, I wasn't restricted to the cursor keys.

It may have been that the CMOS battery was dead, (the machine hasn't been used since Nov 2007!)
perhaps my use has breathed some life into it, 'cos it booted up nicely today...albeit slooowly!
Think I need to up the RAM, currently 192MB...but that's more than the available HDD space!

I'll try just swapping over the 20GB drive I've got spare, not sure what to expect, since it has a working copy of XP Home on it, is it likely that it will try to load it?

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