IBM ThinkPad 600 'niggles'

  Chris the Ancient 09:14 15 Dec 2004

Here we go, paranoid mode again!

I've been using my second user ThinkPad 600 for about a year now and quite like it. It's loaded with 98SE and Office 2000.

Maybe it's because I updated AVG to version7, or maybe because I tried checking for updates at MS, or maybe it's normal.

Symptoms that have recently appeared.

1. Battery doesn't hold its charge the way it used to - but that could be just its age. Or something could be slowly discharging it.

2. The little LED (Bay LED - System in use) on the underside is always on. I don't know if it's always been like that because I've never really noticed. Perhaps it should be on all the time.

3. Occasionally there is a marked reluctance for the lappie to suspend/sleep or whatever on closing the lid - and sometimes a marked reluctance to wake up when opening the lid.

I have tried a system restore/check from the accessories menu with no effect.

Should the lappie behave like this? Am I being (more) paranoid?

I'm out all day working but will be back in this evening.

Hope someone has some ideas }:o(


  Chris the Ancient 17:24 15 Dec 2004

Bounce please.

I'm home now.

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