IBM Thinkpad

  conrail 15:17 05 Jul 2007

Hi Guys, I have been given an IBM Thinkpad laptop, aparently it did have xp os on but the prev owner said it would not run, not surprised not much memory, I have 2 CD's Win 98 and Win ME, but cannot get past the screen that tells me there is no operating system present, have gone into the BIOS but no help there, not even the option to set the bootup order, what keys do I need to press to view the CD dierctory and select setup? thanks

  Seth Haniel 15:24 05 Jul 2007

with the Windows boot on so that you an format Fdisk etc

you can create one from any PC running that operating system

  conrail 15:27 05 Jul 2007

thanks Seth, unfortunatly all pc's we have are on xp but you have given me an idea, I am sure that somewhere I have a complete set of Win 95 floppies, if I can only remember where

  Sheik Yerbouti 15:27 05 Jul 2007

click here

Get your boot disk from here,put it on a floppy and do as Seth Haniel suggests.

  Shortstop 15:30 05 Jul 2007
  Shortstop 15:31 05 Jul 2007

great minds .....

  Sheik Yerbouti 15:41 05 Jul 2007


  conrail 15:57 05 Jul 2007

thanks guys but drive is setup with NTFS and not FAT so asking me to create a partition, have tried FDISK but it tells me that it is a bad command

  Seth Haniel 16:01 05 Jul 2007

that should remove the 'setup'

  conrail 16:22 05 Jul 2007

tried to format but it now informs me that it can't find the C or D drive so I think the best think is to scrap it, it cost nothing so I haven't lost anything

  Diemmess 16:44 05 Jul 2007

So it is, unless you are using a boot floppy as Seth Haniel has said.

Assuming you are going to use 98 or ME -
The old DOS commands are both on the floppy and NOT in XP whatever the disk.

If you use the plodding floppy method you will be able to FDISK to arrange the partition (one or more) and then FORMAT any partition you have just made.
Once done that, you can install from the OS CD

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