IBM Think Pad laptop

  conrail 21:55 29 Jun 2008

wifes friend has recently lost her husband and offered my wife his IBM Think Pad laptop, which will come in handy when we go on holiday with the grandchildren, on switching on there was no os so I have tried my old win98 CD but it kept telling me there was no os so I tried my xp home but get a blue screen error telling me to restart and make sure any hardware is properly installed, if the fault continues to disable any hardware,
the technical info is ***STOP: 0x0000050 (0xFE0A64AB, 0x00000000,0xFEoA64AB, 0x00000000)
*** partmgr.sys - Address FE0A64AB base at FE0A4000, DateStamp 00000000
I have borrowed a friends XP Pro just to see what happens and that tells me there is no os
I just want to put a few games on for the grandchildren, no office suite or internet access so anybody help me to get up and running please, all help gratefully accepted.
ps I have all the floppies and CD with win 95 on somewhere

  grey george 22:26 29 Jun 2008

How old is this laptop?
If it was running win95 then there may well not be enough resources to install 98 or xp.
Will it boot to dos?

  conrail 10:52 30 Jun 2008

thanks grey george but it does have 1 usb port so I believe it is 98 or later, as for the age of it, I am not sure,
How do I get into dos from switching it on? I can then do fdisk and format

  Seth Haniel 10:56 30 Jun 2008

in the drive then FDISK and Install from there

  conrail 20:16 07 Jul 2008

thanks for advice but when I try fdisk it tells me there is no disc there, bust thing is to scrap it, it's not worth the bother, don't know how much a replacement disc is or even what memory it has, thanks to all who tried to hepl, I appreciate it

  Seth Haniel 13:06 08 Jul 2008

I got a 20gig hd for my old thinkpad 390 for £10 in Hartlepool (Murray st)

normally they have 64mb but fine for running win98

  conrail 14:17 08 Jul 2008

thanks Seth, will give them a try, I know the shop, just round the corner from my mother in law, thats where I was going to take it to see what they would give me for it, I appreciate your help

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