IBM Deckstar death noises???

  5ean 11:25 22 Feb 2003

Six months after installing my IBM deckstar 40GB I found this site and read about thier unreliabilty. I thought mine was fine but now after 12 months it has starting making strange noises when accessing. I have backed up all my important files to CD but how long have I got to get a new one? Going to get a maxtor next, lesson learnt!!!!


  AMD 4 ever 11:39 22 Feb 2003

Try Thorouh scandisk and just may need to have a little maintenance.

  5ean 16:53 22 Feb 2003

Tried defrag etc but things...........get lost???.....for eg click to access internet and the connection box will take 5 minutes to appear. This only happens after a de-frag


  topdraw 12:53 23 Feb 2003

I had the same problem with an IBM 20gig hard drive. Made a noise one day and after doing scan disc showed bad sectors. Somewhere in PCA forum is a thread to hard disk checker.

I think its from toshiba and has a file called DFT32-V330. I used this to create a floppy disk, it then boots up via A drive.

It seems to have repaired the disk and it now seems quieter (might be my imagination though). After doing a scan disk (thorough) it showed no bad sectors. I still have the exe file if you cannot find it.

  topdraw 13:12 23 Feb 2003

I have found the utility I used. Give it a go but backup first (just in case).
click here

  akzah 13:18 23 Feb 2003

At IBM website they have a SMART Test which should be able to find any problems. I guess its now Hitahici/IBM webiste where you can find them.

Me well this is my Third Deskstar after 8 months, firts broke down after two months, second after a few days, and this was is still going after two months so far.


  Stuartli 13:21 23 Feb 2003

My son bought two three figure capacity IBM HDDs for server use; both packed up after several weeks.

IBM eventually replaced them - albeit very, very reluctantly - stating that they were only intended to be run for a few hours at a time.

Not much use for servers...:-)

  5ean 14:53 23 Feb 2003

Thanks for all your help. will try the scan disk/repairers but judging by other peoples experiences I will be shopping around soon for a new long lasting drive.


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