i865 black ink leaking to other cartridges

  grumpy-git 16:20 08 Dec 2006

Is this a common problem?

Maybe my printer is now old & worn, but the black ink seems to have found its way from the black cartridge to the yellow & magenta cartridges.

Any fix for this or is it cheaper/easier to buy a replacement printer?


  Technotiger 16:28 08 Dec 2006

Hi, you've hit the proverbial Nail. I would advise much easier and very much cleaner (black ink - ugh) to get a replacement Printer.


  grumpy-git 16:41 08 Dec 2006

I was thinking that might be the case!

At least the black ink didn't go anywhere else other than those 2 cartridges.


  wee eddie 23:53 08 Dec 2006

That the Cartridge was not properly seated.

  grumpy-git 00:21 09 Dec 2006

Good question!

The cartridges all seemed to be correctly fitted in place and there was no visible signs of leakage inside the cartridge holder assembly. Had there been a puddle of ink anywhere I would have checked that.

It seems like some sort of "capillary action" with the ink "flowing" through somewhere and not just a leakage.

Many months ago I had noticed a trace of black in the base of the yellow cartridge, which cleared if I printed a couple of "yellow" pages, but now the yellow cartridge looks totally black. Don't know how many "drops" of black ink are needed to turn a yellow cartridge black.

I thought maybe it was a "summer only" problem with the printer being in a south facing room and the ink expanding due to the warmth, but this latest problem has occurred in cold weather.


  wee eddie 09:54 09 Dec 2006

It may be a problem that has a known, to them, solution.

  jack 10:02 09 Dec 2006

Most printers have a 'Waste ink collector'
usually a pad of absorbent material where overflow from cleaning goes - They fill up and leak onto the platen- this is of all colours mixed - ie 'black'
The cure is take the printer apart clean it up - or better still as already mentioned - bin it and get the next one

  grumpy-git 23:21 22 Jan 2007

I bought a new printer, the old one was obviously "worn out"

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