i7 processor temp goes to 100deg C when video rendering!

  Gilly1am 16:54 15 May 2013

Hi, can I ask for help with my desktop. I have an Intel 920 i7 processor, Corsair 620w PSU, 2x 896MB nVidia geforce GTX260s SLI'd. Its about 3y old built by a local company no longer around. I wanted to upgrade to SSD drive (done) & increase RAM (done to 16GB) in order to do video editing with latest version of Adobe element premiere. However, when rendering the machine just closes down in middle of rendering processes.

Wondered whether heat problem: recently hoovered out the machine & fans incl. processor's heatsink so think its unlikely to be dust.

I then wondered about power or over-clocking & checking BIOS it appears that its slightly overclocked from base 2.67GHz to 2.90 GHz (145x 20 multiplier). I therefore reduced the 145x to 135x to bring the clock down to near base and this seems to have settled problem in terms of the rendering video happens successfully. However, i am concerned why such a small overclock would cause instability

I installed HW monitor program & this shows the 4 core temp's around 65c but on rendering video the T0 & T2 cores go quickly to 100deg C !! The other 2 core temps also increase when stressed to mid 90's degree C. Is this too high?? The GPUs are showing temps of approx 45 deg. I currently have 3 fans (other than the CPU fan): one at front blowing in, one at side blowing in & one at top blowing out, all are shown as working at 100%. The heat sink fan also is working. The desktop case is a mid size one but there is reasonable space between the video cards and the processor etc.

The other thing I thought about is when I did the recent upgrade & cleaned the machine I took the heat-sink off but did clean the old paste off & put a new (pea sized) blob of thermal paste on before reconnecting the block & fan - could this be the issue with over heating and do I need to repeat this in a different way?

Thanks for any help.

  Woolwell 17:07 15 May 2013

The temps are way too high. I had an i7 overheat problem recently and solved the problem by adding 3 more fans to the case. My temps are now below 50 in normal running and go slightly up when video rendering.

There are experts on this site who can advise about paste, etc.

  jaywoo 17:12 15 May 2013

That's too hot - PC shutting down for precisely that reason. Stock cooler? Generic thermal paste?

PC case design usually draws air in at the bottom and vents at the top, are you sure your 3 fans aren't fighting each other - then again, lowering the ambient air temp in the case won't have much impact on the CPU temp at that extreme. Much more detail here; http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42853

  Chronos the 2nd 17:52 15 May 2013

Dump the stock cooler and get yourself a closed loop water coped system such as a Corsair H60 or similar. I am a fan of the Antec khuler 920 as the fan speed can be controlled from within Windows. Do not forget some decent thermal paste such as Arctic silver.

  Gilly1am 19:14 15 May 2013

Thanks for the replies. I think the thermal paste was something I picked off shelf at Currys -will dig out & look at make.

I looked at the water cooled option a couple of years ago (as was finding fans noisy) when asked the desktop builder about -he looked into & said that room was tight in the mid sized (Coolermaster) case. Could obviously get bigger case but desk space limited & wife probably would do her nut if I spent even more money on so covert op's are required and would prefer to leave case alone if possible!

Since putting in the SSD, the front of the case is a bit of a tangle which might be an issue with good air throughput, also could take out one of the GPU cards as dont game much these days.

The other thing I was going to ask about was whether the Corsair 620w was enough power. I am running the machine on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, other bits are wifi card, 1x 256GB Crucial V4 SSD, 1x Samsung 7200rpm HDD, 1x DVD rewrite & 1 x blu ray re-write.

Thanks again.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:08 16 May 2013

Your PSU is more than enough. Though you did not mention what GPU's you have?

I do not know what the guy who built your PC was on about but it would be a very small form factor case not to be able to get one of these in.H60. What case have you got by the way?

Cable management is a must. Get some of these. with cable ties to tidy up your cables. If you can get them behind the motherboard try so much the better.

  Gilly1am 20:02 16 May 2013

Thanks, case is Cooler master gladiator 600, GPUs are x2 nVidia GeForce 260 BFG max core 55. Motherboard is MSI X58 Pro (MS-7522).

  Chronos the 2nd 08:35 17 May 2013

Your case and you have plenty of room for the type of cooler I suggested. As for cable management you have sufficient holes to take most of your cables behind the motherboard in the gap between the motherboard tray and the case side. You could if you wanted, remove each cable, one at a time, then reroute and put it back in its place, that way you are not going to make any errors.

Any that won't go there can be cable tied to the sides so that you have good air-flow.

If I were you I would sell the 2 x GTX260's and get perhaps a GTX560 but that is mainly because I do not particularly like SLI or Crossfire, much preferring to have a decent single GPU.

  Gilly1am 14:33 17 May 2013

Have bought some Arctic silver paste & cleaner. Looking at the CPU coolers -is there merit in getting the Corsair H80 instead or is this overkill.

Also, like Chronos' suggestion of single new GPU. Having never changed a GPU before, will my MSI x58 Pro motherboard take most of the current nVidia cards? and does the GDDR5 (my current card is GDDR3) cause problem with older motherboards or all compatible? Just checking as I know my MOBO is SATA II rather than newer SATA III format. I liked the look of the ASUS GTX 660Ti CU-II 2GB card http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-294-AS&groupid=701&catid=1914 although may be bit more than wanting to pay

This looks reasonable overclockers comprimise.. MSI GTX660 twin FROZR http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-174-MS&groupid=701&catid=1914

  KRONOS the First 08:26 18 May 2013

Sorry I have not answered earlier but I have not been able to log on to this site. I do not know if this is a PCA server thing or a forum editor kicking me.

Back to your query,it is very simple to change a GPU, in your case you would remove the two GTX 260's you have and then drop in the new GPU into the top blue PCI-E slot. MSI X58 Pro I see your motherboard has three slots. Then update drivers and you are good to go. This method assumes you will be staying with Nvidia rather than going with an AMD GPU.

You have no problems with compatibility with your mobo or todays GPU's.

The 660 is a good card and a little cheaper here. Dabs.

H The H80, in my opinion would be overkill but that is entirely up to you and your budget.

Chronos the 2nd.

  Gilly1am 09:23 19 May 2013

Thanks Chronos, started having a go with sorting case out last night, I took out the PSU, GPUs and CPU Fan & block then tidied up cables, re-routing as much as possible round hidden side partition. Quite enjoyed the challenge & managed to get a clear space from front fan through into bottom of main area behind PSU so should now get a decent 'S flow' through to top back of chassis.

Managed to re-fit everything fine but struggled with the (stock intel 920 i7) CPU fan & block... Tried refitting the fan over block first & then pressing onto CPU Back plate with new blob of arctic silver 5, but was difficult as the fan's MOBO press studs wouldn't seat properly.... So took off, recleaned, reapplied paste & tried putting block on first to get good contact, then had difficulty getting fan over the block as one of the clips wouldn't positively go over bottom of heatsink sides so again the fan-MOBO studs wouldn't seat properly - ended up taking whole thing off, leaving paste on both sides, seating clips properly then reapplying block to CPU backplate wiggling about & locating studs properly. Not sure how good the connection will be?

Have relocated side fan to top back (to exhaust) along with existing top (140mm) top fan. These are stock cooler master fans which are quite loud. Is there any merit in changing fans from a noise point of view?

Anyway , will fire up the beast tonight look at temps & if still high order the new CPU cooler. Thanks again as without your help I wouldn't have had the nerve to sort out cabling etc.

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