i7 processor Any Idea's.?

  perpetual motion 11:22 20 Feb 2009

As some of you may or may not know ive got a XPS 720 H2C QuadCore Extreme, Ive been talking too a m8 Who suggest's i swap the Quad processor for one of the new "i7 processor" mabybe the 3.2Ghz (8 Core) is there anyway i can modify my pc to accept this upgrade.? & does it come at a Silly Price.?
Also would they be THAT much of a differance.? Cause my m8 is a lecturer in the local College in ICT so i belive he knows his stuff
& lastly is it a BIG job.?

  bremner 12:25 20 Feb 2009

The i7 is a quad core not 8 core and needs the X58 chipset. click here

Would you notice an increase in speed if you spent the shed load of money necessary to upgrade - I doubt it.

  interzone55 12:36 20 Feb 2009

The i7 uses clever hyperthreading, which is why it may look like an 8 core chip.

  perpetual motion 13:38 20 Feb 2009

bremner so u think i could be waisint my time upgrading & spending a lot of ,money.?
as ive said my m8 is one of these "you buy a porsche HE'l get a Ferrari" he allways has too be better, he's not really a m8 he was until i figured him out, anyway he's emailed me telling me he's building his own & say's it wil "Kill" ANY quadcore...? im in NO competition with him i need my pc for my studies but if the I7 chip was THAT much better for £700 then id be intrested...

  Rigga 15:38 20 Feb 2009

From all the reports I've read the Corei7 chips knock spots off the old Q series quad chips.

Even the lowest Corei7 920 matches the QX9770 extreme Q series chips.

However you cannot put a Corei7 chip in your current motherboard. So you will need a new processor, and new motherboard and new memory to make the most of the Corei7 chip.


  Joe R 17:10 20 Feb 2009

perpetual motion,

for the price of the memory, CPU and mobo needed, you are talking of a minimum of over £500.

  bremner 17:22 20 Feb 2009

Ebuyer have the 3.2Ghz i7 CPU perpetual motion suggests he may want for £862.30 click here

  Forum Editor 17:55 20 Feb 2009

in Speakers Corner. This belongs in the Helproom, and I'm moving it now.

you can easily get carried away, and update to latest everything, i do it. for my games and everyday use have i noticed any performance leap, no, programs, especially games are written to run of average systems, so everyone can use them and people don't slat them for being unable to run their program.
upgrade your system when it's struggling or unable to perform how you like, or you'll end up with a componant upgrade every month and a rebuild every 6/ 12 months, thats how fast things move, so if it performs ok and you don't have a fascination for being in the top 10 of 3d mark keep with what you have.

  perpetual motion 22:21 20 Feb 2009

FE very sorry i didnt realise it was Speakers Corner..i thought i was on HelpRoom...

  retep888 03:14 21 Feb 2009

If your XPS 720 H2C has a QX6800 extreme and the watercooling is functioning,it should be running at 3.46 GHZ overclocked(DELL standard),so why bothered.

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