i5 v i7?

  qwerty52 22:53 21 Nov 2010

Hi all,

Have searched the forum but not really found anything to answer my question.

I've been toying with the idea of maybe buying a new laptop soon and I want a high-end one. I've been looking around at a few for instance

click here=


click here

(sorry I can't post tidy links)

I'm confused by the processors. The MSI one I've linked to has a far superior graphics card (I think! Feel free to correct me) but has only an i5 processor whereas the Novatech one is an i7.

If I ended up buying an i5, would I regret it?

To give some perspective, I would like the laptop to play games like Left 4 dead 2, Company of Heroes, Dragon age origins, and maybe even Crysis. Not too bothered about max settings etc either, provided a stable framerate can be achieved.

I'm not too concerned about it being able to play cutting edge games long into the future because that is pretty impossible anyway in my opinion.

In short, I suppose my question is: will the i5 (this example is rated at 2.40GHz) play those games well? and also, can anyone suggest a laptop in the £900 maximum price range that may suit my needs?

Thanks in advance for any help guys.

Oh, and P.S: Do custom computer builders generally have January sales? I'd be more than happy to wait now.

Thanks again.

  I am Spartacus 23:47 21 Nov 2010

The only time I notice the benefit of an i7 is in video editing. With it being a laptop an i5 should have reduced power consumption and run a bit cooler.

The laptop in your 1st link has a bigger screen and better graphics but I suspect would use a fair bit more power than the Novatech one so it's swings and roundabouts with the power consumption on CPU and GPU.

  GaT7 00:07 22 Nov 2010

If buying a laptop/PC mainly for games, always go for the best graphics card (GPU) you can afford. Most modern games (with the exception of very few) are more GPU than CPU-driven.

According to this rather helpful laptop GPU gaming benchmark comparison list click here, the HD5870 is quite superior to the GTS 250M - 12th best vs 52nd. So you're right there!

Hence for me they would be no hesitation to go for the MSI laptop. G

  qwerty52 10:28 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for the helpful answers. I'll keep shopping around for a while I think but that MSI is certainly tempting.

Can anyone recommend any particular system builders?

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