is the i5 2500K worth buying?

  Viowithcrailtap 14:28 29 Jul 2013

Hey Guys,

I've been shopping around for CPU's and I know the 3570K comes highly recommended but I've noticed that a lot of gamers (who use their pc primarily for gaming e.g. Level Cap) are using the 2500K so I was wondering if I would be better off buying a 2500K instead of the 3570K?

I can get the 2500K for around £30 cheaper than the 3570K and to be honest I don't think the whole Sandy/ Ivy/ Haswell thing is really an issue.

Any input would be great.

  Graphicool1 15:13 29 Jul 2013

What have you got now, and what are you intending to use the new machine for.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:17 29 Jul 2013

If it were me I would spend the little bit extra for the 3570K.IB is about 10% faster than SB. As far as gaming performance it should be virtually identical, but IB gives you native USB 3 and PCI-E 3.

Either one will perform about the same gaming-wise. It only shows the difference when it comes to benchmarks or CPU-intensive tasks.

  Viowithcrailtap 15:32 29 Jul 2013

I haven't got anything at the minute. It's going to be for gaming mainly. I don't do any videos or photo shop stuff.

So go for Ivy Bridge over Sandy Bridge?

  Chronos the 2nd 15:52 29 Jul 2013

Yep I think so. Haswell is not much of an upgrade as far as desktops are concerned, I believe it will be god for laptops though.

  Viowithcrailtap 16:48 29 Jul 2013

I just looked at a comparison of the 3570K and the 4670K and there wasn't a noticeable difference so it's not worth buying the haswell yet.

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