I386 folder missing Winnt

  iqs 22:11 11 Dec 2009


My 1386 folder is missing the WINNT32 and WINNT folders to start an installation.The folder is only 88MB.Is this the complete folder?

Can I ask,do you need this file on the HDD,I know its available on the XP CD to copy over to the root of C:

Any help on this folder is appreciated

  iqs 22:14 11 Dec 2009

should add its viewed via the driver cache folder,not as an individual folder named I386

  mgmcc 22:22 11 Dec 2009

WINNT.EXE and WINNT32.EXE are *files* in the i386 folder, not folders.

You don't need to have the i386 folder in C drive - some XP installations don't have it. If you have a limited version of it, that might have been installed as part of a Service Pack.

Normally, you would boot with the XP CD to install Windows but, provided you have a FAT32 partition, you can install it from DOS by running the WINNT.exe file in the i386 folder on the CD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 11 Dec 2009

Should be 452MB and will either be C:\windows\I386 or c:\I386 if it is on your hard drive.

  iqs 22:28 11 Dec 2009

From my investigation the 1386 folder should be over 400MB in size,and its not really required to be on the C: ,and its safe to delete.

The reason for asking is so I can run sfc /scannow and direct the path to the C: i386 folder.

  iqs 22:33 11 Dec 2009

thanks mgmcc and Fruit Bat /\0/\

I dont have any files on C: with I386,except the folder I listed in my post.

I think I have a limited version like you say mgmcc.

So can I delete the smaller I386 folder and copy the correct folder from my OS disc,and can I copy it to any place on C:

  mgmcc 22:45 11 Dec 2009

As far as I remember, it goes in the root of C drive, but I don't currently have an i386 folder in either of my XP installations (Home or Pro).

I'd suggest you rename your existing i386 folder to something like "old_i386" rather than deleting it. That way, if you try to do something and get an error about a file being older than the one currently in use, you can still revert to the current i386 files.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:53 11 Dec 2009

No, you need the I386 folder in diver cache, do not delete or rename

  iqs 09:38 12 Dec 2009

So if I rename the original 88MB folder old_i386,instead of deleting,and copy the larger i386 folder from the OS disc,will the OS report issues if the original i386 has been renamed?.
Also how does sfc /scannow address two i386 folders?.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 12 Dec 2009

No, you need the I386 folder in diver cache, do not delete or rename

Copy the I386 folder from the windows CD to your hard drive c:
Read click here
and amend the recommended registry entries (after you have backed up the registry).

  iqs 13:45 12 Dec 2009

thank you Fruit Bat /\0/\

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