I would never have recommended this but it works !

  The PC Doctor 22:24 26 Feb 2003

Hi all.

I used to follow all the advice when fitting a Heatsink to a CPU. I always used to use the jointing compound/paste/stuff (Call it what you want!).

In my system I was running an AMD Athlon 1400 with a Crystal Orb cooler. I was always running about a 56Deg CPU Temp (This was with two case fans)

I recently upgraded to an Athlon 1800xp CPU (OK not a great leap I know) as I had run out of heat paste(sorry, my name for it!) I put my Crystal Orb on dry.

Now I'm Running at 47Deg as I type this.

All I have learnt tells me this shouldn't be!

Or should it?

Tell me has anyone else found this to be the case or do these Athlon xp's just run cooler!!!!!

  woodchip 22:32 26 Feb 2003

they run a lot Cooler. Plus going from your old Athlon to an xp may not appear to be a lot in terms of size the xp says it all in terms of improvement. I would recommend you put some paste under the heat sink

  The PC Doctor 22:40 26 Feb 2003

Resolved the thread as no need to be left open !

Woodchip I would normally agree with you about putting paste under heat sink, but I forgot to mention that I've overclocked the 1800xp and my system now tells me I have a 1900xp

Again I would not recommend this to anyone - but hey it's working !!!! I just can't understand why !

  woodchip 22:45 26 Feb 2003

I have a 1600 xp + processor which I have run for two weeks at 1900 xp + without any problems what so ever. Only got the 1 fan on the cpu plus PSU fan temperature of cpu about 35 Centigrade

  The PC Doctor 23:14 26 Feb 2003

Oh great !

Now where's me paste board lol

You've just conviced me to try upping mine a bit more !

Thanks for that woodchip they obviously do run a lot cooler.

  woodchip 23:19 26 Feb 2003

At your own risk, the 1600 is the best xp for overclocking I went to 150/150 FSB

  muscic lover 23:50 26 Feb 2003

You may wanna do a back up before playing about too much?!

But then you probably have........ Silly me!

have fun!

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