An I-Worm virus has got to me!

  TOPCAT® 11:34 20 Nov 2004

Checked on a link I'd given in my Consumerwatch thread and picked up this virus. Please DON'T click on this link. I've asked for the thread to be deleted.

I-Worm Bofra (not sure of the exact name) which I've now got on my computer. AVG 7 alerted me briefly before my PC froze up completely but it didn't manage to quarantine it in time. Further checks do not pick it up now and I cannot use System Restore either.

To stop it spreading further via my email addresses I've printed out my address book contents and deleted all in it before going online again. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. My OS is WinMe. TC.

  VoG II 11:41 20 Nov 2004

Removal tool click here

  TOPCAT® 12:26 20 Nov 2004

I've run the tool, following the exact instructions, and no virus was found! TC.

  VoG II 12:36 20 Nov 2004

If you want to be doubly sure run Stinger click here

(Bofra is another name for MyDoom.)

  spuds 13:14 20 Nov 2004

I replied to TC's post.Nothing as shown up on my computer safeguards.Downloaded latest version of stinger plus other similar products. All systems show clear.

  TOPCAT® 13:49 20 Nov 2004

I've run Stinger and the Sophos tool given me by Belatucadrus from the Consumerwatch thread. Both give me a clean bill of health. Got to be because I deleted all my contacts in the Address Book, I'm thinking.

The final test would be a brief email from me to you if you are able to thoroughly scan first. As you know, I have your address so please let me know if this will be okay. TC.

  VoG II 13:50 20 Nov 2004

Fire away!

  ACOLYTE 13:58 20 Nov 2004

I just got this not 10 minutes ago well my lad did on our little network,fortuatly i was able to send it to the virus vault in time and scans on both pcs after were clean,must be going around and he doesnt go anywere naughty just demo games sites.

  TOPCAT® 16:05 20 Nov 2004

Mail sent and will await your reply. TC.

  VoG II 16:42 20 Nov 2004

Mail received. No problem (no virus attached).

  TOPCAT® 16:51 20 Nov 2004

Thanks for the good news VoG™. TC.

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