Mad Boy 02:23 23 May 2003

I know that im not exactly the most faved person here, but if you didnt already know I live in a pub. Now my mam & dad are splitting up I will be moving away with my dad in a few weeks time. Hopefully ill get another job and I can pay for the internet. Before i go I would like to apologise if i have made offence or disrespected someone in anyway & I wish you all the best. This does mean though ill be back bigger, better & meaner then before Im hoping i get this FF game done & uploaded now before I move. Please note I wil still be around for the next week or so, so best of luck everyone with whatever the future may hold for you. I think that is everything, thank you all for your support & help

Regards ALL!


For Amber-Shortie the game I mentioned will hopefully be done & uplaoded before I go.

Thanks for your time

  AndySD 02:31 23 May 2003

Sorry to hear about you parents ..I know the pressure the Pub Game puts on people (I was in it for 9 years)

Anyway lets hope we see you soon.

Good luck till then


  Mad Boy 02:34 23 May 2003

thanks Andy it is hard work, i let them have a 2 week holiday why I watched the place, its early mornings cleaning up, then from about 11.00AM till around 11PM you finish tidying up then its around 12PM before you go to bed.

Its a vicious circle.

Thanks for the reply mate

  hoverman 06:49 23 May 2003

All the very best wishes for the future. Let us hope it won't be long before you find another job and rejoin our ranks.

  MichelleC 08:21 23 May 2003

Good luck and keep honing your webpage design skills.

  Steinman 08:31 23 May 2003

Perhaps you may stumble across an internet cafe so you can get your 'fix' of PC Advisor!?
Best of luck.

  temp003 09:03 23 May 2003

I remember your post (at least I think that was you) about buying a laptop for moving to Spain. Is that where you're going? Wherever it is, good luck.

  anchor 09:07 23 May 2003

I also send my best wishes, and hope that your future will be a happy and successful one.

  Morpheus© 09:13 23 May 2003

you take bruv.hope to see you back here soon or in HH :-)


  Morpheus© 09:16 23 May 2003

should read "you take care bruv" have to get FE to put an "edit" in....

  leo49 11:09 23 May 2003

Good luck with the game designs - haste ye back.

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