I was just wondering...

  JoE. 20:46 24 Oct 2006

Is it normal for our Netgear wireless router and the USB adaptor to get luke warm during normal use? If so why does it?

Thanks :)

  Koochy 20:49 24 Oct 2006

I have just checked my netgear router and usb dongle and they are both very slightly warm but as to why i'm not 100% sure but i would think it is to do with the electricity in them. Hope this helps.


  jimv7 20:53 24 Oct 2006

Just using electricity generates some heat, thats why you have a cooling fan on the cpu as that generates a lot of heat.

  JoE. 20:55 24 Oct 2006

Thanks Koochy & jimv7

  Batch 22:17 24 Oct 2006

Think of it like friction (say when you rub your hands together and they get warm due to the resistance of of one hand dragging against the other). Same principle with electricity passing through components - there is resistance and heat is generated (unless you're using super conductors at ultra low temperatures).

  JoE. 22:19 24 Oct 2006

Thanks again all.

Meant to green tick after last post, will make sure to now! ;o)

  Dipso 22:57 24 Oct 2006

I know you've green ticked but I just had to link to this picture which my ISP had within their support pages click here


  Input Overload 23:46 24 Oct 2006

Dipso :-)

  Batch 13:45 25 Oct 2006

Bet they use Cat5 cable?

  Dipso 20:18 25 Oct 2006


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