i want to upgrade my 1999 spec computer

  big_papa_boogaloo 16:30 09 Jun 2005

Hello all,
i am in the mood of upgrading the main computer in my house. its a "reliable" computer (apart from the need to upgrade OS's every 2 yrs.)
i would like to upgrade the computer for my dad becaude he is complaining that "its getting too slow to start, and its got xp on it" and "we need a bigger hard drive"... the list is endless, i'm doing it cos the pc is a bit old and its a thank you gesture for him.
when i got it, it cost £300, was a replacement for an old win95 pc when i deleted windows accidentaly (i really didnt know i was doing it, honestly)
here are the specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA71XE4 rev 1.0
Current OS: Win XP Pro (Has had Win 98 and Win Me on it)
Processor: AMD Duron @ 757MHz
Graphics Card: ATI Rage 128 Xpert99/Xpert 2000
Hard Drive: Samsung 20GB, Partitioned into 14GB and 4GB
USB 1.1, 2 ports

is it possible to upgrade the processor, RAM, and graphics card to a higher spec or would it be worth it to buy a motherboard/processor bundle, which would you recommend? i buy a lot of stuff from maplin, are they worth buing the components from. or would you reccomend another shop?

i did some research and to speed it up a bit, i would need to get an Athlon 1.4G 266or an AthlonZP 1500+ 200, would these be hard to get or is it better to get a newer motherboard to take better processors?

also, i have a 350 Watt PSU but it is really noisy, i think its had its time, what PSU's would you reccomend for me to replace it with?

i do want to say that i dont want to build a flashy pc with lights and bubbles and all that stuff, just one better than what i have because i cant afford to buy a new one i think that they are overpriced. (i apologise to anyone who thinks other)

Many thanks
Said Bhugeloo

  picklsey 16:44 09 Jun 2005

click here

try thes site they have a good rep.personally i would buy a bundle.hope this helps.

  wee eddie 17:11 09 Jun 2005

128Mg Ram

Add 256Mg Ram and you will have a new beast on your hands.

I am in no position to make judgment on the other parts you wish to upgrade, but the general consensus here is that upgrades from such an old base are frequently frustrating as they are rarely able to handle the latest stuff (games) which may be what you are hoping.

  dan11 17:41 09 Jun 2005

Your old board has a fsb of 100mHZ. The largest cpu it will take is a XP 1500+ but the 100Mhz model with a 15 multiplier.

The board will take a maximum of 3 dimms. Each one can be upto 256Mb, so it can take 768Mb of sd ram memory.

Unfortunately the agp slot is 2X, so you will be very limited there. You probably have a good enough graphics card already.

With a 1500+ cpu and an extra 256Mb of sdram, it would make a vast difference. The problem is to find them:-(

  dan11 17:42 09 Jun 2005

sorry should of read

and an extra 2 X 256Mb of sdram,

  jack 19:48 09 Jun 2005

Taking a critical look at the bits and bobs required- you will find i think that you are very close to a new box complete- unless of course you simply like unscrewing things and putting new bits in,but it would not be long before you have spent more than the price of a new basic box

  Joe R 20:04 09 Jun 2005

This may be your best bet.
click here

  dan11 20:28 09 Jun 2005

You could upgrade for as little as £50. 640Mb of ram and a thunderbird 1300. Would make a huge difference.

Ram 2 X click here

cpu click here

  accord 21:41 09 Jun 2005

Barebones pc is the way forward on this one as per Joe R response above.

It just makes commercial and common sense to spend approx £300 on a decent system than faffing around with bits and pieces with no warranty.

  Totally-braindead 22:34 09 Jun 2005

I have to agree with the others a barebones is the most economical way to go, hopefully you can use your existing monitor floppy and cdrom and only have to add a hard drive on to complete the system. The Novatech bundles are good for the money, I built a new system for someone for around the £240 mark and that included a OEM copy of Windows XP and a hard drive, the other bits came from his old PC. The only thing I might be tempted to add would be a graphics card as they are all onboard graphics. But they do come with AGP slots, if you don't play games then it would be fine as is.

  Never again 22:52 09 Jun 2005

try to squeeze the most out of it my uninstalling any software not used in the last few months, defragging your drives and doing an msconfig and stop any unneccessary programs from starting with windows.

Download ms bootvis to make windows start more efficiently.

Check out the motherboard specs to see if it will run dual processors - _ have 2 p3 processors running on my motherboard thanks to dan11 - Hi dan11.

Squeeze the bugger until it screams (sorry for that)

Long live old kit.

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