I want to upgrade the cpu in my laptop

  i.need.help??? 13:12 19 Dec 2005

i have a dell laptop with a mobile p4 1.60ghz
it has 400mhzs fsb (front side bus)
i want to upgrade the cpu to a 2.00 ghz mobile p4 that also has 400mhhz fsb.
will i need to change any other parts on the motherboard to do this

  PaulB2005 13:14 19 Dec 2005

It would be a big job and certainly not worth it. Upgrading laptops are not like upgrading PCs. Better to put the money towards a new laptop.

  Totally-braindead 13:16 19 Dec 2005

Its very differcult if indeed it is possible to do it, I've built maybe 30 or so desktop PCs and I wouldn't even consider it. I would go with what PaulB2005 suggests.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:17 19 Dec 2005

An absolute nightmare to strip the laptop down far enough to get at the CPU. for the speed increase you'll get it is not worth it.

Fit more memory instead, they are designed to add memory just a slot on the underside should give access to the memory modules.

  i.need.help??? 13:18 19 Dec 2005

yes but if i do go and upgrade the processor from 1.60-2.00ghz will i need to change any parts on the motherboard to make it work.

  Totally-braindead 13:27 19 Dec 2005

First you would have to contact Dell and find out if the motherboard inside your laptop would actually take the faster processor, if it would then you would need to see what processor cooler you could get that would actually fit in the case, you may have to remove the memory and upgrade that as well, you may have to flash the BIOS and if that doesn't work properly you would virtually destroy the motherboard. If the board will not take the faster processor then you would have to buy a new motherboard for the laptop case you have and to be honest with you it probably wouldn't fit. The speed increase as Fruit Bat/\0/\ has said would be small and even if it is possible, which I doubt, it would be an absolute nightmare. If you really want to do this then you will have to contact Dell as only they can tell you if it is possible.

  phil46 13:28 19 Dec 2005

You wouldn't notice much of a change,unless your well up in IT it's not worth the effort as you will end up with a useless lap top.

  Belatucadrus 13:39 19 Dec 2005

Before going any further check three things.

1) Can you physically get at the CPU, in most laptops this is pretty near impossible, the cases are designed to stay in one piece, not for easy access.
2)If you can reach it, what CPU will the MOBO support ? If it can't handle a 2GHz there is no point in even considering the exercise.
3)How much RAM have you got and is the expansion slot free ? If so adding more is as has already been suggested going to be :- cheaper, more effective and as opposed to the CPU swap feasible.

As to changing MOBO parts, what did you have in mind ? beyond RAM modules, changing anything on mobile mobos is pretty near impossible, it's all integrated into the board itself and unless you fancy your chances with a soldering iron isn't about to come off.

  i.need.help??? 13:42 19 Dec 2005

well recently i have upgraded it to 1gb

  Belatucadrus 13:50 19 Dec 2005

1 GB should be more than adequate for most applications. I suspect that this laptops hit its performance ceiling.
Is there something in particular that's causing this need to upgrade ?

  amonra 13:50 19 Dec 2005

Have a nice Xmas and think about it again in the new year, bearing in mind all the GOOD advice given above.

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