I want some kind of BB to publish Poetry...

  Z1100 22:30 31 Oct 2006


I want some sort of simple BB...

Ok, stay with me and I will get my point across.

I want to build a website where visitors can register and then they can add their Poetry to the site.

I would like the Title of the Poem to be seen in a list form;

My poem
His Poem
Anybody’s Poem

With the writers 'handle' in a second column next to the title.

Clicking on the Poem Title would take the visitor to that Poem and on that screen the visitor can leave a comment about said Poem.

Clicking on the Poets Handle would take the visitor to ALL Poems by that writer and each title would be hyperlinked in order that it can be read.

At the bottom of each Poem I would like the Poets Handle and an option to leave a comment or view all comments on that particular poem. I do not want the comments to be visible as the focus is the Poem but so long as access to the comments is available I don’t mind how it is done.

I have built two web sites already, one is my Business and the other is a Family site neither of which I will post her because apparently it is rude, suffice to say I can use MS Publisher to edit text, images, downloads, counters, menus, navigation…

But this project has me stumped as I cannot use publisher to get what is in my mind so, if you have read this far and you have had a ‘Eureka!’ moment please let me know…


  RicScott 16:45 01 Nov 2006

using something like MySql and PHP..
Set up the Database with users etc..
for an insight on what to do etc visit..click here

This will tell you how to build the site, database and the CMS..I bought the book..
Have a play with it and manipulate the code to suit yourself..

  Z1100 15:44 17 Nov 2006

anyone got some advice please?

  Forum Editor 10:33 18 Nov 2006

Don't use MS Publisher - it's very bad at making websites.

What you want to do is not going to be easy unless you have acquired a reasonable working knowledge of the various technologies in common use, and I suggest that you spend some time with one of the more popular design applications like DreamWeaver and NetObjects fusion.

There are no short-cuts I'm afraid - it's a question of getting on the learning curve.

  Sloper69 20:26 24 Nov 2006

You could avoid building a website altogether by simply setting up a msn community/group at click here

Here you can control membership of your group, allow postings of poetry, etc. in a BB, photographs.

It would not do everything you want in the way you want, but it is a quick and easy solution. Furthermore, msn groups has many literary groups already for you to be part of. It would also allow you to see what interest there is for you type of site with no initial expense.

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