I want to restore an ASUS laptop to factory settings.

  laptopdunce 22:17 10 Oct 2012

I recently had great advice on how to wipe drives on an Acer laptop and now I want to wipe the drives on my ASUS X58L laptop and restore it to factory settings, I have three Disks, one called Recovery DVD, one called Driver & utility X58L for CPW and one for Asus DVD, Power2go, label print, power producer, power director and media show. So what should I do after I have backed up all the docs and photos? is there a special procedure with this laptop? I want to set it back to factory settings as it is running very very slow and I cant seem to get Internet Explorer to work properly at all, even with the latest Vista version loaded, it only working on internet with a Google chrome browser. After doing the complete restore and recovery on the Acer laptop it works like new and I think this is the only solution for this Asus X58L laptop. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 10 Oct 2012

Asus Laptop Recovery Tap on F9 when Asus logo appears.. for details, follow link below: http://support.asus.com/technicaldoc...e=en-us&NO=498

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:24 10 Oct 2012
  laptopdunce 22:43 10 Oct 2012

OK thanks for that, do you think it would be wise to use method 1 para 5 in the Asus recovery info l;ink? where it says:- Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions. This option deletes all partitions from your hard drive and creates two new partitions "C" (25%) and "D" (75%).

I think it is currently showing a C and D drive, its not a huge capacity laptop and I only really use it for emails and minor administration/photo storage, think the D drive is currently VistaOS 27.8gb used, 28.03 gb free and on the D drive (where the phots and documents folders are) it is showing as D driver used 17.5gb, 28.3gb free. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 23:43 10 Oct 2012

OK, I am actually doing the two partitons recovery now from the CD from, seems OK so far, I am sure I will have to come back to you and pester you about things like re-installing programmes and adding my extra USB socket peripherals, I seem to remember that external drives have to be assigned a drive letter on this laptop (which is one of the reasons I have never liked this Asus laptop - it has to all be manually installed and doesnt assign drive letters automatically, as just one niggle with it) Will let you know how I get on. I know I will lose all my extra programmes like Paint.net and adobe pdf readers etc., LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 02:40 11 Oct 2012

FruitBat, that seems to have all worked OK!!I have reloaded all the photos and docs again. I have just connected it to the internet and its launched IE quite well and now it DOES connect to internet well, I have shut it down though as I want to install Avast anti-virus tomorrow and start on re-installing all the CD roms for the printer and other things. I also want to know how to install my own homepage picture, but that can wait, at the moment I only have a set of programmes on the home page from Asus that I dont think I will use much, there is Napster, Online storage, Launch ability office (an Asus own Word programme?) quick games, Roxio creator LE10, Splendid utility, download store and Geeksquad - would your recommend that I de-install all of these from the control panel? as I intend to use my own "word 98" programme, Paint.net photo programme, etc., also should I put the Asus CD rom in for t he Asus's own Power2go, label print, power producer, power director and media show?? I have never used this before, if I copy a DVD I normally use DVD shrink and DVD decrypt programme. What do you advise? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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