I want to remove / uninstall my home network !

  Tinkey Winkey 23:12 12 Apr 2006

Is it possible to uninstall a home Network which I've set up on two PCs as I want to sell one of the PCs?

If so how do I go about it please ?

  johnnyrocker 23:19 12 Apr 2006

i dont think it applies when one machine is removed from the equation because wherever one machin goes it will not have the same connection facility with the other machine. or maybe someone wiser will inform me i am talking rubbish;))


  ade.h 23:22 12 Apr 2006

Unless you have used an embarassingly personal workgroup name (which I doubt) then you have nothing to worry about.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:25 12 Apr 2006

ok so you're saying that the new owner of the PC won't be able to access my network.

I would still like to know if I can remove or uninstall the network just for peace of mind ?

  johnnyrocker 23:28 12 Apr 2006

i seriously doubt they could because afaik they would have to be in possession of a lot of info to even attempt this if they could be bothered even


  ade.h 23:49 12 Apr 2006

If the PC is not on the network, it can't access it over the internet without the user having specialist knowledge of hacking.

If this is a desktop, then the new owner is not even going to be parking outside your house and accessing your network wirelessly. Even if it's a laptop, would they bother? Take it out of your permitted MACs.

If you're still concerned, then I think you worrying unnecessarily.

  wiz-king 06:58 13 Apr 2006

If you have a wireless network and the new owner lives nearby then they may be able to access if you have not used the encryption facility on your network, but so would any one else in the neighbourhood! You do not need to uninstall the wireless networking on the computer you sell, just remove the encryption password used.

  dms05 09:22 13 Apr 2006

If you are so worried either reinstall Windows to reset all the defaults or don't sell the computer concerned. If you are selling a 2nd user PC you should only sell it with the software installed by the manufacturer.

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