I want a new ISP Suggest one to me

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 16:05 13 Feb 2003

I have lead a sheltered ISP life up to now I have used aol all my surfing life but now I need a change. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give, The only thing I want is there is to be no limits to the hours I can use it a month. I am loking at a 56 K dial up account and I have a credit card if needs be.

I look forward to your responses

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:14 13 Feb 2003

I used AOL for well over a year, only changing because I got a BB connection. Never had a problem connecting, and very few problems with the install. Opened more accounts with them than I care to remember. Good fast speeds, didn't get disconected after 2 hours and didn't get told off for being on too much.

  Pesala 16:22 13 Feb 2003

I would recommend the cable modem for three reasons:

1. Your phone line is not tied up when you are on-line. You can talk on the phone when on-line too, which is often useful when resolving problems.

2. Value for money. About five times faster than dial-up connection. £15 a month is cheap, unless you can get dialup for £3 a month with no phone-bill.

3. Greater bandwidth makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

  Steinman 16:28 13 Feb 2003

NTL Dial up. Just £10 month. 2 hr cut-off, BUT can relog on straight away. No other limits.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:30 13 Feb 2003

I also use NTL (600kb) BB package and this is fantastic.

I previously have used ntlhome dial-up which was pretty good, freeserve BB (512kb) and dial-up which are both ok and AOL which I really had trouble with.

Saying that, the trouble I had with AOL came down to not using a BT phone line as AOL dfon't like NTL phone line customers.

Yet if Sir Rafordin says that AOL were good to him (I guess you used a BT line?) then I would trust his judgement. He spends much of the day helping people out on here so it must've been pretty good!


  Ben Avery (Work) 16:31 13 Feb 2003

ntlhome dial up anytime is only £10!

...if it's available in your area that is!


  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 16:34 13 Feb 2003

Go for DSL dude!
The extra 10-15 £ a month is well worth it.

I use pipex. 65Kb/s always. Sublime.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:35 13 Feb 2003

128K "about 5 times faster than dial up connection"?

I'm confused, I have a 600K and that only works out about 10x faster?


  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 16:35 13 Feb 2003

At the moment im downloading a 155MB file hosted in america:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

ETA: 42 mins

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:45 13 Feb 2003

Well obviously if ADSL/Cable is an optin I'd go for that everytime!

.:º»[RjA]«º:. something nice and legal I take it ;-)

otherwise ETA FAST...less than 42 mins :D

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 17:27 13 Feb 2003

Darn NTL isnt available in my area and niether is telewest. Im in devon EX32 with a bt line at present. Thankyou for your replies so far though

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