I want a laptop - small but good performance

  Pineman100 17:06 23 Jul 2009

After years of using a desktop PC I'm about to buy my first laptop.

For normal home desk use I shall connect the laptop to my 19" flat screen and my wireless keyboard/mouse, so I shall see no real difference from having a desktop PC.

However, for use while travelling I'd like the new laptop to be small and light. But I don't want a puny little netbook thing, with limited power and storage. I want a proper grownup computer - minimum spec: Pentium Core 2 Duo, min. 3GB RAM, no less than 320GB HDD, moderately good graphics card and decent sound.

I use my computer mainly for image editing and storage, music download and storage, email/internet, plus a bit of word processing, spreadsheeting and desktop publishing. I'm not a gamer.

On a hurried visit to a well-known computer superstore, the other day, I glimpsed a little 13.3" screen laptop - I think it was an HP - but I didn't have time to look at the spec. Does anyone know whether this machine is any good?

Do you have any other recommendations for machines that would fit my needs, please?

  wjrt 18:11 23 Jul 2009
  GaT7 18:28 23 Jul 2009

Good-specced laptops with 12-14" screens are relatively expensive, as you can see from these lists at eBuyer: click here, click here & click here.

Also consider Dell's smaller screen offerings, which can be configured (graphics too) to some extent to meet your needs: Home range click here, & better value Business range click here. G

  Mike 18:48 23 Jul 2009

Why don't you consider a Apple Mac. I would suggest a Mac Book Pro. It will do everything a PC will do and if you install Parallels you can have your cake and eat it to because parallels runs XP, vista, Linux and more, Not to mention Mac OS X.which is perfect for image editing and storage, music download and storage, email/Internet, plus a bit of word processing, spreadsheets and desktop publishing. Run all your old PC Programs without problems and get all the free updates.

click here

I did and life is so much easier.

  Pineman100 19:00 23 Jul 2009

I probably should have included my budget, which is up to £700. So there are several machines among your suggestions that seem to fit my bill.

Mike - do you find that your PC software will run quickly and efficiently on a Mac? Presumably in some kind of Windows emulation mode?

  mooly 19:06 23 Jul 2009

How about Acer,
click here

  mooly 19:08 23 Jul 2009

Erm... the link didn't, not to the right place anyway, look at the Aspire timeline 3810T

  Woolwell 20:08 23 Jul 2009

Earlier this year I bought an Acer 2930 with a 12.1" screen. I'm quite pleased with it. The sound through the speakers is tinny but through the supplied headphones is quite good. Graphics probably not good enough for you but more than adequate for on the road work.
Have a look at battery life.

  laurie53 20:25 23 Jul 2009

Have look at Samsung's ultra portables.

  Mike 21:54 23 Jul 2009

Pineman 100, The new MacBook Pro has a 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor just like as any other PC. All your PC software runs perfectly. There's a Program called Boot Camp that allows you to make you Mac a Mac or a PC. This artical is a bit old but still good. click here

A Program called Parallels allows the Mac to be both a Mac and a PC seamlessly, here are a few video tutorials to explain it all. click here

I use Autocad, Maya, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Office etc. all as smooth as silk. Must say new to Maya so don't as me about that.

  Pineman100 19:19 24 Jul 2009

Thanks for that clarification, Mike. I've never had the slightest desire for an Apple machine in th epast, but its ability to run PC software might make me think again.

I'll leave this thread open a little longer, in case any others have suggestions for me, but meanwhile a big "thank you" to everyone for your thoughts and ideas.

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