I want to install my XP onto a larger HDD but.....

  Paddylad 20:22 01 Dec 2009

Good evening all, I'm a newbie with what I hope is not too silly a query. My OS is XP Pro and on an 80 Gb Hdd. I've got a disc with it on and I managed to install it on a 200Gb HDD until I came to the authorisation code. This was refused by Microsoft. Why? Its a legal copy. Can any of you help please?

  bremner 20:25 01 Dec 2009

If it is a full version you can only have it on one machine at a time.

If it is an OEM version then it can only ever be installed on one machine i.e. it is not transferable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:25 01 Dec 2009

How was it refused?

Have you tried ringing them?

  Paddylad 20:34 01 Dec 2009

Bremner, what you said is what I suspected, thank you.

Fruit Bat /\0/\, I can't remember the exact words, and yes I tried contacting them with no luck. I'm hoping to get an answer by email soon.

  Technotiger 20:41 01 Dec 2009

It was refused because you apparently have the same OS copy on two hard drives.

You should totally remove it from the larger drive. After that you should Clone the smaller drive to the larger drive, using Acronis True Image or similar. Then replace the small drive with the large drive which then has your original OS, and everything else from the smaller drive on it.

You will not lose anything by this process.

  canarieslover 20:58 01 Dec 2009

Two alternatives. 1. Clone the 80Gb drive to the 200Gb and then adjust the partitions. You could pay for Acronis but I have successfully used XXClone click here to do exactly what you want to do. And then use click here to adjust your partitions. Both are free tools to use. Or 2. You can install the 200Gb as a slave drive and not have to bother with the above. Move all your data directories to it and redirect the save option in your programs to point to the new locations.

  Paddylad 19:29 02 Dec 2009

Thanks for the additional help, I'd left the post last night assuming that was it. I'll give it a try your way in the next few days. Thanks again. P

  Technotiger 19:35 02 Dec 2009

If you Clone using Acronis, or similar (I use Acronis) you will not need to make any adjustments, your large drive will then boot up as normal, just as if nothing had changed - except for the drives capacity!

  Kingfisher 19:51 02 Dec 2009

I wish to clone my existing 80gig hard drive to a larger hard drive, silly question, how do I get power and ide cables to the new hard drive to carry out the cloning and do I need to use a caddy, I currently have two 80 gig hard drives c & d but want to leave d: drive as it is
many thanks

  Kingfisher 19:57 02 Dec 2009

I have two 80 gig hard drives c & d, I wish to clone c:drive to a larger hard drive, silly question but how do I get power and ide connections to new hard drive and do I need to use a caddy, I could put the new drive in the d:drive bay but will the new drive then be seen as d and not c,I have acronis installed on my pc and am familiar with how to use it.OS is win xp sp3
many thanks

  Kingfisher 19:59 02 Dec 2009

sorry I have hijacked thread by mistake thought I was on main helproom page

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