I want a Forum

  powerless 23:00 13 Feb 2004

Yours truly is thinking of doing it himself (ish) and well you'll never guess what the forum will be all about.

...Computing of course.

Now I'll be honest and say that I have no clue what to look at and how to go about it.

I know what I eventually want to end up with but I just don't know where to start...

php and all that is beyond me (willing to learn mind you) so this looks a good place to start, click here used that forum many times, very easy to use.

But how would I set it up?

Any thoughts, tips, pointers?

  D-Frame 23:20 13 Feb 2004

Im still a newbie at PHP and MySQL and i have almost done 45% of my own forum package.... i just use simple code snippets and add my own knowledge to that code.. pretty simple.

I got a thing called e-107 that is a complete site, all PHP etc with forum etc etc included..

look on click here !

  Forum Editor 23:36 13 Feb 2004

facing would-be forum owners is not how to set one up - that's relatively straightforward - but how to make their shiny new forum a success.

It's a subject in which I have a degree of experience, and I can tell you that the road to success is a long and often painful one. There are hundreds of thousands of forums out there, and the vast majority are simply places where a few people gather to swap meaningless and largely unintelligible babble. Forums often provide a haven for those who can't get an audience to listen to them in real life, and profanity and abuse abound when reasoned debate runs out. Why do I make such a scathing generalisation? Because I've seen so many dreadful forums, that's why. I worked on a Microsoft forum for a while, and I saw at first hand how necessary it is to moderate with absolute conviction - you must set yourself strong editorial standards and stick to them, or anarchy will result.

I wish you good luck - you are entering a market that's simply flooded with bad forums, and dominated by a handful of good ones. Your ability to gather good contributors will be crucial to your success, and the way will be littered with the carcasses of those who have gone before you. Having said that, it can be great fun (and extremely hard work), and there's a good deal of satisfaction in seeing people return time and again.

The nuts and bolts of forum running can be a little daunting at first, but you'll find there's plenty of help available. Broadly speaking forums fall into two categories - those you host on a paid-for web server, and those that are hosted for you by the forum software company. You can get some very good free forums (like YaBB) and some terrible ones. There are also some superb forums which aren't free.

Take a look at this

click here and come back to your thread for more help/advice.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 16:27 14 Feb 2004

it's so simple to use. Change layouts with a button click, no coding necessary, or advanced skills. Simple.

  Murray 18:48 14 Feb 2004

I'm guessing there's a forum for everything nowadays, even, you guessed it, making forums... sorry I can't help, just an observation

  Pesala 01:22 16 Feb 2004

Take a look at these forums powered by phpBB:

Geek Haven: click here

High-Logic: click here

PC Advisor: click here

  tomleady 09:37 16 Feb 2004

take a look at this one:

click here

they provided this site:click here

  Gaz 25 21:13 17 Feb 2004

e-107 is excellent, but it is flawed.

Some idot decided to delete all my MySQL posts.

Ghrrr. So I scrapped the thing.

Easy to set-up too. click here

  Taran 22:23 17 Feb 2004

I'll add my vote for phpBB

Invision is superb but I still prefer phpBB overall.

  Marky_Bhoy 23:40 17 Feb 2004

If you are going to use MySQL then you might want to purchase the personal edition.

For more info click here

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