I want to connect my laptop to my PC Wirellessly

  motive36 18:27 13 Jun 2007

I am running a PC (xp pro) with Virgin broadband (cable modem)and would like my laptop (also xp pro) (not wireless capable) to connect to my Virgin broadband on the PC wirelessly. I would like to know what gear I need to buy to make this happen. Also any common installation pitfalls I might come across. Is there a link I could look at to check out the best value gear. Sounds like
a basic set of questions I know but I have tended to body swerve anything to do with wireless until now and know very little about it.

  Strawballs 22:46 13 Jun 2007

You will need a router click here any one of these will do (I use the linksys wrt54g and have done for about 2yrs without problems) and a wireless adapter for your desktop

USB click here

Or if you don't mind tacking the side off of your case then a PCI card click here

click here

  Strawballs 22:47 13 Jun 2007

I forgot to say that I am on Virgin (NTL)

  motive36 09:22 14 Jun 2007

In your first reply did u mean a router for the desktop and an adapter for the laptop

  handful 12:25 14 Jun 2007

motive36 - you need a router no question but you don't necessarily need the adaptor if you connect the router to your pc with a network cable. If you want to connect wirelessly from both the desktop and laptop, then you will need an adaptor, it all depends on where you want the router to go. If you are happy having it situated next to the desktop and it is fitted with a network card a cable is the easiest option.

  keef66 13:31 14 Jun 2007

as handful says is to Connect Cable modem to wireless router to desktop pc all by network cable, then a wireless adapter for the laptop will allow it to talk to the router wirelessly and share the BB connection.

Adapters for laptops can be usb (so they stick out the back or side) or pcmcia type (which sit in the card slot so don't stick out)

I think the pcmcia type is neater and less likely to be snapped off by a clumsy bugger like me.

  keef66 13:33 14 Jun 2007

Or you could replace the Virgin modem with a wireless cable modem router if you don't want too many bits of kit.

  motive36 19:11 14 Jun 2007

Thanks all I think Im' sorted now Will give another shout if I cock up the install. Cheers all.

  Strawballs 21:47 15 Jun 2007

Never heard of a modem/router for cable, I could be wrong do you have a link to one keef66 I might be in the market myself for one.

  keef66 22:17 15 Jun 2007

sorry! became confused by the 'related products' on the Netgear website. Turns out to be just another ADSL modem router. Hope I didn't get your hopes up.

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