I want to buy an ebook reader or pda

  chippywood 10:57 11 Apr 2004

I am trying to find out what device would be good for an ebook reader as I travel a lot and hauling a half dozen books around with me is getting tedious.

While looking at ebook readers, the common theme is they are now almost all obsolete.

I did find some RCA REB1100/1200 and Franklin EBM900/911 listings on the click here, but none are available (this is an American site, but I couldn't seem to find any listings at all in the UK).

My main use for the pda would be for ebooks, though diary and contacts would be a bonus.

I also looked at some handhelds, which might be comparable. I know I can download free ebook readers from the net (e.g. adobe, MS Ebook Reader, etc.), but I'm getting a little confused about which ebook readers can be downloaded on which PDA. Never mind memory, CPU, etc.

I have been looking at the same site for handhelds and thought perhaps the Sony Clie PEG-TJ27 Color Handheld (I have a Sony digital camera with memory stick/PCMIA card and wonder if these would be compatible) might do. Or the Palm Tungsten E PDA. However, they seem expensive solutions and the screen size may not be as good as a dedicated ebook reader.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Pete & Maggie

  Kate B 11:05 11 Apr 2004

The Sony Clie range is great, though I haven't used it specifically as an e-book reader. But if you've already started investing in memory sticks you might as well buy other hardware that uses them.

  ton 12:08 11 Apr 2004

I have Ipaq 2210. Excellent, two card slots, CF & SD. I use MS reader but you could use other book formats as well on this device.

  chippywood 13:00 11 Apr 2004

...for all your help. It's greatly appreciated.

Pete and Maggie

  Forum Editor 13:06 11 Apr 2004

on the same subject - there's a thread in Consumerwatch, which is the more appropriate location for this.

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