I Want Blu Ray on my PC!!! HTPC Setup?

  kiddakidda 21:55 21 Dec 2008

Hi All,

I recently saw a Blu Ray DVD/DVD RW combo on ebuyer for around £65.00.
After seeing how much they have come down in price and the fact that I would love to turn my PC into a HTPC I thought I would look into the possibilty of doing this.

The system is as follows:

*AMD 5200+ Athlon x2
*4GB DDR2 800 Crucial Ballistix (planning on vista in future)
*320Gb SATA Hard Drive
*Nvidia Geforce 7900GS Graphics Card
*Sony DVD Rom
*Samsung SATA DVD RW with Lightscribe
*Windows XP Home

I want to use my 42 inch plasma (Samsung PS42Q7HDX)as the monitor for the above.

I thought I would just be able to put the new Blu Ray DVD drive into my PC and 'Hey Presto' but after searching the web I have now become totally confused as to if this will work or not. I have no idea whta HDCP is and so on and I am begining to wonder if it is best to just buy a seperate Blu Ray DVD palyer?

Can someone explain to me how it works and what I will need to buy to make it work????

Cheers in advance


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