I want to back up my ext. H.Drive-Which programme?

  buel 13:51 05 Mar 2009

Hi, i have all my downloaded data on a Maxtor 240GB external Hard drive, iv currently used 118GB of it and id like to back it up. Should i use Nero data burning onto dvds or use a specific back up programme? I believe i could use a programme that backs up your data as iso files?#
Please advise...

  sinbads 13:57 05 Mar 2009

no contest click here

  buel 14:12 05 Mar 2009

Excellent answer but is it worth me searching for a free programme?

  sinbads 16:46 05 Mar 2009

I'm all for free programs ; however acronis is highly rated on here and for what it costs......peace of mind its cheap

you can download a fully functional trial click here|2553030504&gclid=CMPCzPSdjJkCFUqS3wodIArtlQ see for yourself.

IMHO its not work taking risks.


  cocteau48 16:54 05 Mar 2009

You have to balance the cost (of Acronis) against the number of man hours it would take to put everything back to the way you want it - not to mention what may be irretrievably lost and gone forever.
I has saved my bacon numerous times and it's worth every penny even at full price!

  Tycho 16:55 05 Mar 2009

I have a large external HDD and a laptop. I have been using AJC Directory Synchroniser and have found it brilliant. It ensures that both of the computers are synchronised which, in itself is a backup, but in addition you have a fully up to date backup on the HDD. I keep my HDD outside the house jut in case there is a fire or summat.


  DieSse 19:25 05 Mar 2009

For data on a non-system drive, you don't need special programs - you can simply copy it.

If you want to compress it before copying, to save some space you can use free programs such as 7zip.

If they are media files, there might not be much saving by compression, as most media files are already compressed.

An excellent free program for writing DVS is Ashampoo Disc Burner (the free version 6.something).

Incidentally the Ashampoo burner can also create .iso files.

  DieSse 19:26 05 Mar 2009

DVS should read DVDs, of course.

  conrail 20:21 05 Mar 2009

may sound silly as I am no expert but can't you drag and drop?

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