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  The Dazza 20:02 11 Oct 2005

A few months ago I built my own pc - worked ok then problems began after only a few weeks. I have changed the mobo, HDD, Floppy Drive, PSU, monitor, graphics card etc but cannot get a picture to come up on my monitor. I switch the machine on, the lights come on dvd writer light flashes on then off (like normal) but the damn floppy drive light stays on and no picture is displayed on the monitor. The HDD sounds like it is kicking in, it's as though there is no monitor attached. When powering up you get the system 'beep' and the keyboard lights come on too. I've tried wiggling the mouse to see if this wakes it up - but to no avail. Any 'experts' that can lend me a hand?

  The Dazza 20:06 11 Oct 2005

oh and by the way the num lock light stays on the keyboard when the tower is switched off (not at the mains).

  igk 20:11 11 Oct 2005

1) If you can try out the monitor on another pc also check for damaged pins in the connector cable to your graphics card.
2) check the seating of your graphics card make sure it is fitted properly.
3) also check your ram chips are seated ok.
4) when you boot up count the beeps as it is a code for problem sorting example: 1 short and one long usually means graphic card problems (this does depent on the bios/mobo make as the code does differ slightly)reprt back here the beeps for more help..

  josie mayhem 20:11 11 Oct 2005

Try clearing cosmos, it might be that you have some corruption going on with your display drivers.

Also can you give details on what specs your mobo, graphic card ect. Has some one out there might be able to help futher if it's a compatiability issue.

  igk 20:13 11 Oct 2005

" oh and by the way the num lock light stays on the keyboard when the tower is switched off (not at the mains)."
I think this is unrelated to your main problem,this means that you may have mobo/panel pins the wrong way round that causes this..

  The Dazza 20:21 11 Oct 2005

When switching the machine on to boot up it's gives a short single beep. The mobo has just been changed as I had problems with the old one & is an Asus K8VSE. The graphics card is brand spanking new too. Has 2 monitor ports & is an ATI Radeon 64mb DDR ACP TV-out (well that't what it says on the box). If I unplug the monitor from the tower then I get the 'no signal' which I would of thought meant the monitor was working ok and doesn't explain why the floppy drive light stays on.

  igk 20:26 11 Oct 2005

It could be a duff floppy drive that's confusing the pc,if you get no post (cannot get into your bios or safe mode)would suggest disconnecting the floppy power and ribbon cable and then try to reboot..

  bremner 20:26 11 Oct 2005

"the damn floppy drive light stays on" - this tends to happen when the IDE cable is connected the wrong way around.

Josie - I have to say that is the most drastic method I have ever seen or heard for curing a computer problem - :0)))))

  pj1664 20:27 11 Oct 2005

you may have connected the power cable the wrong way round on the floppy drive, this happend to me once before and it was the power cable to the floppy, have a look at it.

  igk 20:30 11 Oct 2005

I would agree with you (on both points!!)but did not think that the ribbon cable would fit both ways round (keyways don't allow this?)..

  The Dazza 20:34 11 Oct 2005

..all different ways of putting the IDE cable. One way I tried the floppy light didn't come on at all. I was always under the impression that it should flash on and off at least once when booting up & doesn't explain no picture!

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