I-tunes again.....

  ynohtna 10:17 09 Jan 2007

Hi all, me again!
Just another quickie about I-Tunes if i may!
Ok, the wording may not be correct as i'm not really too sure of terminology etc... but i hope you understand! I have a Laptop with a 60GB memory (Acer Aspire 1605LC). I have used up 55GB so far. mostly due to my 8000+ songs on I-tunes. I'm looking at getting an external hard drive to copy the all of my music files across to delete the itunes files on the c drive and free up lots of space on my computer. On my laptop the itunes bit is in C drive/mydocuments/my music/itunes etc... (i'm sure you all know where)now, if i get an external hard drive, once connected it will be known as 'F' drive (or similar)does this mean that once ive put everything on the external and i then choose to add more music and update my ipod, all the old stuff (itunes i copied from my c drive earlier)in the external hard drive will now be labelled 'F' drive but the original music files will still be known as 'C' so all the file paths will be lost and they will have to be re-imported to itunes using F drive... Does this make sense... im not sure it does...? Er... anyone...? Not sure how to put it in simpler terms... Sorry.

  recap 12:25 09 Jan 2007

My son has a USB drive that has music files on and plays them through itunes. He just navigates to the eternal drive (USB) to play them. I hope that answers your question?

  ynohtna 13:21 09 Jan 2007

Er, not really! Maybe i didnt explain it well enough - or just got too confused! Im basically concerned that all my music stored in my c drive as C/MYDOCUMENTS/MYMUSIC/ITUNES etc... will have to be re-imported to itunes (a lot of effort for 8000 + tracks) when i store it all on an external harddrive - F drive because surely all the file paths will be pointing to the wrong drives... i really cant have 55gb of stuff on a 60gb laptop so they need to be stored elsewhere (F DRIVE) and deleted from the main computer (C DRIVE)

  recap 14:49 09 Jan 2007

Once they are installed on the F Drive it will not show as they are from the C drive.

  Kate B 20:22 09 Jan 2007

somewhere in iTunes under options, I think, you can change the folder that it looks to - just change it from the location on the C drive to the location on the F drive.

  powerless 00:23 10 Jan 2007

^yeah you can change the default location [Edit, Preferences, Advanced; General]

But you'll need to copy the music over and let itunes do it's stuff, it shouldn't take that long, grab a cuppa or something.

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