I Thought I was sorted But I AINT

  Sealer 12:04 04 Mar 2004

Sealer Mon, 23.02.04 | 14:08
Hi, I have a HP Deskjet 720C on my XP based PC, I have a small network set up. One of the PC's on the network is still running Win 98, I can't get the W98 PC to print. I have the option of installing another driver onto my xp PC for sharing, But the inf file requested is not on the installation disk (yes it's original). Got any idea's Please?

neko Mon, 23.02.04 | 14:16
Have you installed the drivers on the Win 98 machine?

Sealer Mon, 23.02.04 | 14:19
Yes already had drivers installed before main PC went to XP. Had a network running for about 18 Months but only got the problem since going to XP.

neko Tue, 24.02.04 | 20:24
Hi again
LoL i went to work at same time as you. Thought someone else would have helped. I am fairly new at this but have set up your scenario succesfully.

I take it you can see the printer in your Printers and faxes applet in the control panel on the Win 98 machine and that you can see and access files on the XP machine? also that the printer is shared from the XP machine.

Is your Win 98 setup just left from before the other machine became XP? If so the path of the printer will have changed. I think you could delete the printer and then add a new network printer. It will search and find the Hp. Then you could re-install the drivers on the 98 PC. If you have already sorted it let me know what you did m8 Neko

Sealer Wed, 25.02.04 | 13:20
SUPERSTAR Nice one, Looks like I am sorted...Believe it or not I had tried this before, Then it took 3 go's this time. Installer said some other program was using a needed file (Damn Microsoft) Yeah right I only had Explorer and system tray running. Anyway thanks for you help :o) Sealer

I am definitely NOT Sorted....
Any Idea's

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