I thought I had a virus……

  Brumas 23:06 28 Jul 2005

I had just posted a problem and the solution involved downloading a ‘hotfix’ from a Spanish site, When I restarted, the computer made what I can only describe as squawking noises ( the speakers were not switched on. Caps lock seemed to reverse everything, I couldn’t type numbers or punctuation. If I right clicked a blank area of the desk top, I didn’t get the usual menu, all I got was the copy/paste option, oh and a blank cursor appeared in the top left of the screen and disappeared when I clicked again. If I went into Outlook Express, I couldn’t create a new message, and when I clicked the message to open, a group would be selected. This and lots of other silly little things really started to worry me, until I noticed the large Shift Key on the right was permanently depressed and suddenly popped up and from then on my problems disappeared with huge sighs of relief. The blooming keyboard is now in the bin, my trusty old one with lots of the letters erased through constant use is back in harness and everything is hunky-dory and I am now, once again, at peace with the world!!!

  woodchip 23:18 28 Jul 2005

Do a System Restore before you shut down

  woodchip 23:19 28 Jul 2005

My fault not reading the full story

  Brumas 23:45 28 Jul 2005

That's one of my faults too....did Long John Silver ever escape from Treasure Island alive? ;o)
All I need now is to find a way to re-letter these faded keys - indelible marker pen just seems to wear off too.

  ashdav 01:04 29 Jul 2005
  Brumas 15:03 29 Jul 2005

Thanks ashdav - never thought of replacing it but at that price I'd be foolish not to.

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