I thought Avast was free!! & my prob!

  gazmix 18:05 23 Aug 2006

I went on the Avast website to try & download the version that said it was free & after i put all my info in, it came up with options on how to pay.

I know 67p or whatever a month it said was one of the options, but i just want it once to scan my pc for a certain virus.

The virus is runtime error 216 which i have been told is a backdore subseven trojan.

Any help appreciated.

  al224 18:08 23 Aug 2006

not sure that thats a virus gazmix - i think its just an error. try running scandisk. go to start, programs/all programs, accessories, system tools, scandisk. do thorough scan.

beware - could take a while depending on size of hard drive

  al224 18:09 23 Aug 2006

otherwise try avg free edition

  jimv7 18:09 23 Aug 2006

click here download and run it.

  DieSse 18:15 23 Aug 2006

click here for a button to get the free download version.

Note - free only to home users.

  mbp 18:16 23 Aug 2006

Yes there is a free Avast but it may take a bit of searching to get the right download. I have found Avast slows my computer, so I have switch to AntiVir Personal Edition found here

click here

  gazmix 18:40 23 Aug 2006

I did as DieSse said & it came up with nothing!
I'll try scandisk as all224 said.

Also, anyone know how to set a programme to bring up my dialup box, like Mailwasher?, my dialup box used to appear when i opened Mailwasher, now i have "Orange anytime" on my desktop only & Mailwasher don't bring up the dialup box!

  al224 18:43 23 Aug 2006

hi again gaz

try scandisc as i said - im sure its not a virus!

  gazmix 18:47 23 Aug 2006

So this could be the cause of my pc freezing?
Should i delete anything scandisk finds or is it automatic?

  DieSse 19:03 23 Aug 2006

*I did as DieSse said & it came up with nothing!*

I just did it and it took me straight to the download page! Here's the page it takes you to click here

  al224 19:06 23 Aug 2006

DieSSE it doesnt work with me either.

Anyway - tick the box for automaticly fix errors. see wat happens

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