I think they are called 'Boot Screens'.......

  DANZIG 10:05 22 Feb 2003

When I switch my PC on, I get a black screen with the Windows XP logo and a line underneath it with some Green Dots racing along it. I think its called a 'Boot Screen'. Now, my question is this - I have seen numerous sites with different 'Boot Screens' that I can install - How do I get them up and running because some of them look pretty good (better than the boring WinXP one anyway)??? Also if you can recommend any sites with these on I would appreciate it....Cheers...I'm off to work now so I can't reply until tomorrow (Sunday). Again, thankyou....

  Ironman556 10:22 22 Feb 2003

Try find and search for logo.sys, if it's the same as 98 then you can drop the new screen into the directory your current screen is located in. You may want to rename the current one to logo.old or somthing first to stop it being overwritten, then you can easily go back again. I'll post back if I find anything else.

Maybe someone else can confirm that it is the same as 98?

  Lozzy 10:27 22 Feb 2003

click here on how to do it in XP in the boot,ini file. My suggestion would be back up first.. There are many site to get boot screens even making your own. Carry out a google search..

  Ironman556 10:32 22 Feb 2003

OK, it looks like you can ignore my post unless you have 98 or 95.

  Ironman556 15:38 22 Feb 2003

I mailed EZskins about the screens. Here's the content of the Reply:

" click here


click here


Hope it's helpful.


  -pops- 15:42 22 Feb 2003

My bootup screen is there and gone so quickly that I can't really see what's on it to be able to change it - not that I would want to.


  « Ravin » 15:47 22 Feb 2003

windows xp has no logo.sys and i dont think you can change it by editing the boot.ini file. i know its done by editing the logonui.exe file under the windows folder. there are lots of sites where the editing has been done and the logo replaced , all you have to do is to download the altered file and paste it in the windows folder. will have a look and see.

  « Ravin » 15:49 22 Feb 2003

us people with slow loading computers have to watch it for quite some time !

  -pops- 16:09 22 Feb 2003

I don't think there's anything particularly supercharged about my machine. It's a 1700 AMD something or other. Fairly conventional I thought - certainly not fast by current CPU speeds.

Must be that I'm just lucky and it compensates for the time I have to wait for PCA to download (see another thread).;-))


  « Ravin » 16:17 22 Feb 2003

what has the world come to? 1700 mhz is called conventional! lol true though, wonder what'll be called conventional next year.

  -pops- 18:12 22 Feb 2003

Wonder what the speed of my Sinclair ZX80 was?


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