I Think my hard disk has crashed - options

  Jim H 10:29 26 Apr 2003


I think the hard disk on my sons computer has crashed. When it is turned on it goes to the dos type screen.

The eror message is:

"Boot failure

Insert boot disk in A:

Press any key when ready"

I then started Windows with the CD Rom

It then states that:

Setup cannot install Windows Me on your computer.

Your computer does not have a hard disk......etc

Is my option basically to get a new hard disk or is there any way to repair it??

Computer is Windows Me, 1.3ghz, Creative audigy, Gforce3 ti200

Thanks for any advice


  Gongoozler 10:49 26 Apr 2003

Hi James. In my experience this almost ceryainly a hard drive failure. A new hard drive is about £50 from Dabs (click here) or E-Buyer click here. The information you give suggests that the computer is fairly modern, so there should be no size limit to your hard drive. A good 40G drive from E-Buyer would be the Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8 at £50.66 inclusive of vat click here

  MichelleC 13:20 26 Apr 2003

Try checking the cabling/ribbons 1st as these can work loose over time.

  RobbyMac 13:36 26 Apr 2003

Just fixed a friends pc with the same problem!
He had a virus that destroyed the hard disk info. Boot to dos prompt and type 'fdisk' on the options choose show 'partition information'. It might come up with several messages but I guess it will say 'no partitions defined'. From there you need to set up partitions and format the hard drive. This of course looses all previous data. Be very careful with fdisk because it looses the stored data! Good luck
Bob Mac

  Jim H 13:50 26 Apr 2003

When I type fdisk it comes up with the message "No fixed disks present"

  Gongoozler 16:44 26 Apr 2003

Hi Jim H. Try booting to the BIOS setup, if the hard drive isn't recognised in BIOS, then you almost certainly have a hardware proiblem. It could be the motherboard ide driver/connector, and it could be the cable, but the probability is that it is the hard drive.

  woodchip 17:01 26 Apr 2003

Start computer with boot floppy, then type FDISK/MBR press enter at the DOS prompt then try restarting computer

  Jim H 17:45 26 Apr 2003

Thanks anyway but it appears that the hard disk has crashed. No matter what I type it comes back with the error message "No fixed disks present"

  zanwalk 18:00 26 Apr 2003

It would be worth checking the ribbon cable first before rushing out to buy a new hard drive. It is quite rare for the problem to be the cable, but they are a lot cheaper than a hard drive!

Also, it is worth checking to see if the HD is actually spinning up when you switch the PC on, if you put a finger on the HD (making sure you have earthed yourself on the case first) when switching on you should be able to feel the HD spinning. If not, check the power supply to the HD.

  James H 10:18 01 May 2003

Hi everyone,

I have sorted the problem - before anyone thinks of rushing out to buy a new hard disk first go into the bios then into CMOS setup, in primary master it may well state the message "none" or "not present", highlight the primary master and then page up this will go to the message "auto", press esc then F10 and there you have it problem resolved.

The hard disk has not cradhed after all it was only a bit of a glitch.

Thanks for all your help


ps I will now type this problem as resolved

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