I think my graphics card is malfunctioning

  Greengo 20:07 26 Mar 2006

My monitor does not come on anymore on one of my desktops computers. When i connect the monitor to the built in graphics (ATI Radeon) on my motherboard the monitor works but when a connect it to my AGP graphics card it does'nt switch on. Can anyone confirm that my suspicions are right?

  Totally-braindead 20:16 26 Mar 2006

Certainly sounds like it, you mention having more than one desktop, could you perhaps try swapping it into one of the other PCs and see what happens. Also make sure your speaker is connected in the PC as if the graphics card fails it should give beeps and the beeps together with the BIOS make will tell you what is wrong. I mean it could be the motherboard, the BIOS beeps will tell you what it is. Beep codes click here

  De Marcus™ 20:18 26 Mar 2006

Perhaps your bios needs changing from using the built in graphicss card to the AGP one.

  Greengo 11:28 27 Mar 2006

I went on to the ASROCK website and found the beep code that my Bios is making at boot up.

1 Short - memory refresh timer error

can anyone explain this and describe how I can resolve this please?

My Motherboard is ASROCK K7S41.


  Totally-braindead 12:06 27 Mar 2006

Try removing and reseating the memory modules. Make sure the computer if switched off at the mains first to be sure you don't accidently switch it on (it does happen you know) and make sure you earth yourself before you touch the memory as they are very sensitive to static.

  Greengo 20:55 27 Mar 2006

Re sat the memory modules as suggeted and the system booted up. A few minutes later the PC froze, I couldn't use the mouse. I turned of the PC and it wouldn't boot up again. I stripped the PC down re sat the memory modules and graphics card. The system booted up again. A few minutes later while browsing it froze again. (HELP) What is going on can anyone help.

When the system fails to boot up the system beeps once.

Any ideas?

  Totally-braindead 21:10 27 Mar 2006

The only suggestion I have is try downloading memtest and run it and see what it finds click here . The one beep you get could be something wrong with either the motherboard or the memory. What I would try is buy new memory.

Sorry perhaps someone else will have a better idea.

  Greengo 21:46 27 Mar 2006

Hi Totally - braindead,

Thanks for your help no one else as bothererd yet.
I installed new memory and kept the old memory in as well.

I will try your suggestion with the memtest if i can get it to boot up again. I appreciate your help so far.

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