TheHacienda 22:23 29 Apr 2009

ok couple of days ago i posted i had problems with windows defender, - wouldn't let me download anything or upgrade any software

looked on web and found possible solutions - the same as someone replied to my thread to advise me to do

anyway, that didn't work

so thought balls to it, reload windows (vista) from my back up discs i created from the tech guys - thought might aswell start from scratch as am a novice

anyway - reloaded windows yesterday, come to download my avg antivirus today and still getting the same error message
'windows has encountered a problem with this file' or if i try to download anything it says something about a digital signature - exactly what it was saying before i reloaded windows on

please can someone help -

1) not really any idea what i'm doing and thinking my new pc i've had for about 4 months is now f*$cked

2) have i some major virus!!!!

  TheHacienda 22:39 29 Apr 2009

and when i try to download AVG it says to find this type of file, so i click on it and it sends me to microsoft which says -

Windows has the following information about this MIME type. This page will help you find software needed to open your file.

  Quiller. 22:43 29 Apr 2009

With out a doubt.

You're doomed with level 5 pandemic Caps Lock key.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 29 Apr 2009

Windows defender complaining about digital signatures is not really a problem just click ok and ignore the message.

Try downloading Avast Antivirus (I changed from AVG some years ago) click here

and register, free for 14 months then you need to reregister (still free thereafter) update and scan.

A problem with mime may well just be a file association issue.

  TheHacienda 22:55 29 Apr 2009

just tried it and it wont let me download file

it tries to install it and says again 'there was a problem downloading file'

also just tried updating windows and it wont let me install any updates

  TheHacienda 23:16 29 Apr 2009

VISTA is Bobbins

my £700 pc is goosed thanks to this pile of s*$t

off to bed, thanks everyone, if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know

  rdave13 23:51 29 Apr 2009

Firewall settings?

  lotvic 00:02 30 Apr 2009

Turn Windows Defender on or OFF in Vista (windowshelp.microsoft.com) click here

1. Open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Defender.
2. Click Tools, and then click Options.
3. Under Administrator options, select or clear the Use Windows Defender check box, and then click Save.

  ened 07:24 30 Apr 2009

First of all your machine is not dead in the water!

When you re-installed Vista did you re-format? If you did you do not have a virus unless your back up discs were already infected. Did you create them as a first job after receiving the machine?

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says it is not unusual for Defender to give you warnings, but if you are sure the source is secure you can ignore the warnings.

I would start again from scratch and after the install go to MS and get all latest Defender definitions. You can do this manually if Defender will not update itself.

Do not install any MS updates at this stage because it may have been one of them which is causing your problem.

Now try the downloads which you were unable to perform before.

If it still doesn't work follow Lotvic's instructions and turn Defender off.

If you can't find the problem with Defender try another security program - there are loads of freebies which are very good.

I should say that I have been running this Vista Ultimate machine for 18 months with only Defender and Avast as protection and have encountered no security issues. Occasionally I have found it necessary to update Defender manually, but that is all.

Remember - Do not get despondent: it can be resolved!

  ^wave^ 09:07 30 Apr 2009

try going to a friend and down load the stinger let it run from a mem stick or cd see if that finds anything

  TheHacienda 13:21 02 May 2009

reformatted windows again, from scratch, and still nothing. i'm getting this error message when i try to update windows
'error code 80096010'
turned off windows defender, and still nothing

i've only had this pc 4 months,do you think i should just bite the bullet and take it back to the shop?

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