I think the lot has gone......

  Dirk Diggler 14:27 14 Dec 2004

The other night when I switched my PC on, it would get half way through the windows startup routine then stop. I contact the PC world helpline (i know i know!) who told me there was nothing they could do as it is a "software" problem and advised me to "restore windows" using the recovery disks that came with the PC.

This I duly did (2,500 pics & music traks out the window.. yes I will remember to back up from now on!!)

Anyway, now I can only get as far as a very basic windows desktop. Basic in that the diplay is fixed at something like 800*600 and will not let me alter it in the usual way. Also I have no taskbar at the bottom of the screen and hence no start menu. I have tried the windows key and nothing so without this I cannot even start to look for a solution.

Any ideas please folks as this is my first major crash and could really do with some cheering by getting this at least working again.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 14 Dec 2004

What op system?

XP Taskbar missing
click here

  Jeffers22 14:37 14 Dec 2004

You should complain about advice such as that. Far too often the reformat or restore from supplied CD is offered as "advice". All too often the offering of such a solution is the refuge of the totally inept and incompetent.

  Jeffers22 14:39 14 Dec 2004

Having got that off my chest ... follow Fruit Bat's advice and then post back here if you have further problems.

  Graham ® 14:42 14 Dec 2004

Be careful with that hard drive! I assume you have access to another PC, are they both desktops?

There may be ways to recover your data, do you want to concentrate on that first?

  Dirk Diggler 15:17 14 Dec 2004

Yes they are both desktops, but only one monitor lol

Would it be a case of taking the affected HD and putting into the working one as slave?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 14 Dec 2004

that would work but if you have already restored it with a recovery disk then the data is probablly gone.

However one of these may work

File recovery :-
R_Studio click here
Easyrecovery click here

  Graham ® 18:16 14 Dec 2004

Certainly worth trying it as slave, then search for your files. If you haven't defragged for a while they will be scattered around, and some may be intact.

  Pidder 18:28 14 Dec 2004

Wonder if it's the video driver producing a display too large for the screen? Better minds than me might know.

  Sapins 18:36 14 Dec 2004

Another file recovery programme, for free, which I have used very successfully.

click here

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