I think i need a new motherboard and processor

  Nades 10:58 22 Oct 2003

I have an AMDK6 400Hz chip and have just connected to broadband. I am playing games on line and my computor is really slow. I upgraded my RAM some time ago and have 512mg and have 2 hard drives both running at 7200. I think i need a new processor....any advice on what to get. I dont want to spends loads of cash.

  Allan-263226 11:04 22 Oct 2003

A mother board bundle would be the best way to go I feel. [url]click here[/url]

Motherboard Bundle - AMD XP 2000 (1.67GHz), Heatsink and Fan, 256MB 333MHz DDR RAM, Socket A Motherboard.

  sil_ver 13:39 22 Oct 2003

I would have thought it is more likely to be your graphics card that is the bottleneck

  Nades 14:10 22 Oct 2003

My RAM is DRAM I think would do i need DDR or is DRAM ok. Also the grafix card is the original which is 3/4 years old can't remember what it is but most games run slowly or jerk from time to time

  PA28 14:11 22 Oct 2003

Has your computer slowed up since you connected to broadband? How do games on disk fare? Have you carried out cleaning of files, defragging your disk, etc, so that you have a clean lean machine (one of the hazards of broadband must be the speed at which you can acquire garbage). And have you virus checked lately? All these things can be done at a cost of zilch, before you think of upgrading anything (although the old K6-2 is getting on a bit now, I agree).

  Nades 14:15 22 Oct 2003

Did a clean re-install just before getting broadband so no junk as yet although very tempting to download all sorts of crap. virus check weekly and have set Norton to update every week too. Have got diskeeper software running in the background defragging so no probs there

  Nades 14:16 22 Oct 2003

Computer has not slowed since going on broadband but gaming is a bit painful at times and frustrating when others complain that things are slower than they are used to

  wizkidwall_03 14:25 22 Oct 2003

i would say you just need a new graphics card but with all these new games etc i would go with the bundle Motherboard Bundle - AMD XP 2000 (1.67GHz), Heatsink and Fan, 256MB 333MHz DDR RAM, Socket A Motherboard.
also you could try increasing your virtual memory
this takes more space but could sort the problem
give me your OS specs and i will tell you how to increase your virtual memory

  R4 14:33 22 Oct 2003

Sounds like a System upgrade; your suggested bundle sound ok with a decent graphics card but it may not fit your old case if it is old, Socket A MB's have a different layout to older mini MB's.

  Nades 15:02 22 Oct 2003

Would my SDRAM fit into a bundle like the one you named ok

  Nades 15:06 22 Oct 2003

Also does that bundle include a gafix card on board or would i need to buy one aswell

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