I think I fell into a trap.

  281apple 18:20 02 May 2009

I clicked on QUAD REGISTRY CLEANER just to see what it was all about. After checking it out, I decided I did not need it and did not download it.
About three days later (and that all started a month ago), everytime I opened my computer it was stopped by QUAD REGISTRY CLEANER.EXE and I was asked by Vista if I wanted to download it. I said no. But it still keeps coming back. I can not find where it is on my computer and can not delete it. Can anyone help me please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 02 May 2009

Download superantispyware click here (the free version) onto a cd or memory stick if you cannot download onto the computer. Start in safe mode (keep tapping the F8 key) and run SAS. Delete all it finds.


  Sea Urchin 18:31 02 May 2009

And also suggest doing the same with Malwarebytes from

click here

  Sea Urchin 18:32 02 May 2009

Ooops - sorry, should be

click here

  281apple 18:59 02 May 2009

Thanks, I'll give it a try tomorrow but gotta shut down now. I'll come back tomorrow to let you know if it worked.

  281apple 19:01 02 May 2009

GANDALF <|:-)>, what does SAS mean? Yeah, I know I'm not that good but at least I admit it.

  Strawballs 19:05 02 May 2009

S super A anti S spyware

  281apple 10:11 03 May 2009

I tried both superantispyware and Malwarebytes. I first tried SAS and it scanned for almost two hours and found 298 risks which I quarintined (bad spelling), then restarted my laptop and guess what happened when it started up again. QUAD REGISTRY CLEANER still came up. What happens is that just before my clock comes onto my screen, the screen kind of trembles and becomes overcast by a sort of dark shadow and then QUAD REGISTRY CLEANER pops up and Windows asks me if I authorise it and I click on NO. It then disappears and my clock comes up on the screen and finally I can start using my laptop. So I then tried Malwarebytes which did not find anything to delete because, of course, SAS had already done the job.

I've still got this "charming" (I have another word in mind but can't write it here) QUAD REGISTRY CLEANER which pops up when I start my laptop up. I've written to QUAD but they don't answer.

I'm completely lost but maybe you or others might have some suggestions.


  Halmer 10:15 03 May 2009

go to the start up tab.

is there anything there that looks like Quad?

  281apple 10:40 03 May 2009

This is what I did. I went thru FIND to find where Quad was on my computer. I then deleted everything that was in Programs. I then went back to FIND and typed in Quad but there was nothing left on my computer. But believe it or not I've still got the GD solicitation from Quad to install Quad when I restart. The only difference now is that my clock comes up normally on my screen before I get the popup from Quad to install it. I'm fed up after four hours in vain. I'll leave it until tonight. By for now. Anyone else got any ideas?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:47 03 May 2009

Open `My Computer` go to `Tools/Options/View`. Scroll down to `Hidden files and folders` make sure `Do not show hidden files and folders` is selected. Have you updated both anti-spy programmes? Have you run them both in safe mode?


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