I think i deleted Windows!

  Magic Hobo 14:58 28 Aug 2005

Hi everyone. I hope you can help me out with this one Well heres how it started. I thought that i'd try out Linux in a dual boot system with Windows so i installed it and it couldn't have gone better. I still had Windows and now i could boot to Linux too!. This worked fine but i got a bit sick of selecting windows from the Lilo boot menu so i reinstalled Linux and put the bootloader on a floppy so i could just put the floppy in whenever i wanted to use Linux. I then put in the restore cd, version 0.2 and repaired the boot sectors thinking that it would just get rid of the Linux bootloader so that it would automatically boot into Windows like it did when i first got it.then when i restarted my pc it said :

'verifying dmi pool data'
'Boot from cd'
'Boot from cd'

and then it stopped on that screen. I tried to boot into Linux but couldn't so i reinstalled it. Then when it came to partitioning space to Linux it showed just a Windows partition. I was confused as it should have shown an existing Linux Partition. Linux reinstalled fine and i left the Windows partition at 3/4 the space it had before as i knew that it had about 1/4 in free space. Now I can only boot into linux and when i look at the Windows partition it shows that it is empty!!! So I tried a restore form the cd v.0.2 but it says

'(38) header error'

and wont restore.

I feel so annoyed somebody please help as i'm stuck using Linux and the school holidays end soon.

Sorry its a bit long

  Diodorus Siculus 15:29 28 Aug 2005

Have you tried to fix the master boot record?

Microsoft Windows XP - Fixmbr
click here

If that doesn't work, time to reinstall Windows, then Linux and start afresh.

Do you have your backup up to date?

Do yu have an XP CD or restore disk?

  Magic Hobo 19:14 28 Aug 2005

I do have my backup up to date which i can be thankful for. But i have a restore cd so cannot do a fresh install of Windows.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:25 28 Aug 2005

[quote]i have a restore cd so cannot do a fresh install of Windows[/quote]

Why not? I thought that was what restor disks did.

Install windows, then linux and then a boot manager and you can set default boot OS.

  Terry Brown 20:47 28 Aug 2005

Is you problem that you cannot get a clean boot to install windows. Go to click here or help in windows and type in boot disk.You will need 6 floppies to set the system up. First download the program, select the version of XP you have--copy the file to a hard drive--On runnibg it wil prompt you to insert the floppies.When finished.--Put the XP CD in the drive. Set you machine to boot from floppy (Either from BIOS or by pressing F8 when starting to get boot menu, select floppy). Put floppy 1 in the drive and follow prompts. If you need the more advanced options, after the blue (Terms and Conditions) Press F8 to continue--Press ESC and this will take you to the advanced mode.

  Magic Hobo 13:51 29 Aug 2005

[quote]Why not? I thought that was what restor disks did.[/quote]

In theory yes. But when your computer is made by Time you can expect something that doesn't quite go to plan. I checked over at www .tinycon. com and many people seem to be having problems with the restore disks as they don't work properely.

Terry Brown

Can't do that as i don't have a full XP disc.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:56 29 Aug 2005

Probably your best bet is to spend £70 or so and buy a new XP CD. It will save on a headache later on.

  Magic Hobo 14:42 30 Aug 2005

Just wondering, is the oem version the same as the retail version except that you can only activate the oem one once?

  woodchip 14:48 30 Aug 2005

"activate the oem once" No as many times as you need to

  Skills 14:50 30 Aug 2005

The OEM license is ment to be for one machine only and is ment to die with the machine it was installed on when that machines bites the dust. Also no support from MS.

It is exactly the same as the retail version apart from how the license works. If you need to reinstall on that machine with the OEM then if you call MS and explain why you had to reinstall then there should be no problems.

The retail version does not have this limitation and can be installed on as many machines as you like provided there is only one installation running at any one time.

  Midsman2005 15:54 30 Aug 2005

Just buy an OEM one.

However, you can buy sealed, unactivated and unopened ones off Ebay for about 40 to 50 quid.

I did and it worked fine, activated perfectly, registered perfectly.

And when have you ever called microsoft for any support anyway?

So the "no support from microsoft" is meaningless in my opinion.

However, I would try your quick restore cd first...seems sily to not even try it!

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