I think I am getting a problem, can you help me.

  Green 1 02:21 13 Aug 2008

Hi all, this has started to happen in the last few weeks, when I go on ebay, and it only happens on ebay, I keep getting a box opening up saying that IE cannot open the site, then a lot of numbers Etc then an OK box, the thing is, it does open the site, I have to keep clicking on the box to get rid of it every time it crops up, about every 6 pages, something is doing this, I have done a virus check,malware check and Trojan check with A2, I am on XP, can anybody please help me to get rid of this. I am not very techie so please try to put it simple. Many thanks for any replies I may get. Brian.

  julius44 04:42 13 Aug 2008

Hi there, try opening up ebay with Firefox 3 instead and see what happens. I'm an ebay member as well, and what u describe should NOT be happening i use FF instead of IE, but u should not have that problem even with IE. also u may want to download and use click here its very good at cleaning any nasties on your pc. Any probs let me know

  Ditch999 15:21 13 Aug 2008

Try putting ebay.co.uk in to your trusted zone in IE

Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites, click on Sites and Add ebay.co.uk
You might need to take the tick out of "Require server verification"

Next click on the Privacy tab of Internet Options, click on Sites and add ebay.co.uk to it as an Allow site.

If you still get the poup then go to the Advanced tab of Internet Options and untick Disable script debugging for IE and Others as well as Display a notification about every script error.

  Green 1 02:49 14 Aug 2008

Many thanks for the replies, I will try Firefox at a later date but thank you Julias44,
Ditch999, I have tried all that you said and alas it still continues, but many thanks for trying to help me, if you think of anything else I would be grateful to you for your help. Once again, many thanks, Brian.

  I am Spartacus 08:32 14 Aug 2008

Try Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab and put a tick in 'Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)

  Ditch999 13:54 14 Aug 2008

"I keep getting a box opening up saying that IE cannot open the site, then a lot of numbers Etc then an OK box"

What exactly does the box or boxes say?

  Green 1 02:13 18 Aug 2008

Hi Ditch999, I am sorry for the delay, been away, the box says " IE cannot open the Internet site" it then goes on click here .co.uk/search/search.dll? and then all sorts of %? numbers Etc, then a close box in the center at the bottom, one thing I did find out by mistake, if I sign in to ebay it doesn`t do it, this is annoying though, having to keep clicking on the ok box to get rid of it, many thanks for your help anyway. Brian.

  sinbads 08:09 18 Aug 2008

This could be IE addon try a resset tools / internet options / advanced / and reset at the bottom This will reset IE to the default values your addons will be disabled

  Green 1 01:23 19 Aug 2008

Many thanks sinbads, I will try that and see how it goes, so far all the other things I have been told to do have not worked, I do hope this one does, once again, many thanks, Brian.

  Green 1 00:50 20 Aug 2008

I have tried all the things that I have been told to and it is still doing it, I would be very grateful for some more help please, many thanks, Brian.

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