I reset my BIOS for my computer

  Prongshorn 14:23 14 Jun 2015

Hi, I reset my BIOS for my computer, by taking the battery out because I tried to install the ePSXe emulator, but I couldn't get it to run and when I booted up my PC the start up screen was off-centre. So I reset the BIOS and now my PCs working fine again, but I'm not really sure what it meant to reset the BIOS. I think my PC was overclocked or something and I'm not sure if by doing that I've messed it up?

My pc is : click here if this is a really dumb question, I'm a complete noob at PC stuff :(enter link description here


  Prongshorn 14:29 14 Jun 2015

also, when I booted up my PC I chose "Optimised BIOS settings", was that the right one to pick?

  Ian in Northampton 14:32 14 Jun 2015

Almost certainly. As I mentioned previously: if your PC is working as you expect it to, you've done no harm.

  Prongshorn 14:57 14 Jun 2015

Thank you, I was just worried it wouldn't be as powerful as before

  Ian in Northampton 16:03 14 Jun 2015

I note from your other thread on this that you've found how to reset it to the overclosked speed, and /\FruitBat/\ has confirmed you're probably OK to do that. But as I think he also said, unless you're an extreme gamer, it's unlikely you'll notice a difference. While, in theory, overclocking made your computer 20% more powerful - that's just the processor. By the time you've factored in memory size/speed, disk i/o, Internet speeds and so on - not to mention whether an app is optimised for multiple processors - the actual uplift in PC 'power' that you'll see will be less than 20%. For extreme gaming, even that few extra percent, though, will make a difference - but otherwise, very little.

  Prongshorn96 16:10 14 Jun 2015

Hmm okay, I'm still learning all this stuff so I barely know anything about it, but thanks for all the help.

  Graham* 23:42 14 Jun 2015

Just keep asking the same question

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