I REALLY need some help... (wireless router prob)

  pifko 16:22 29 Dec 2005

Ok, I bought a Netgear wireless modem/router DG834G from eBuyer. The reviews looked really good, and I liked how most of them said how easy it was to set it up.

I received the router yesterday, and spent hours trying to set it up. Today, after nearly giving up and calling a pro (who would likely overcharge for typing a few numbers in). I got my laptop out and wireless connected to the router.

The problem was, that I couldnt access the Router's configuartion settings using my desktop...but I could wirelessly through my laptop.

So, Im online now using my laptop, but I still cant access the net using my desktop.

Im using WinXP (Home) and on a 2Mb Wanadoo ADSL connection.

Any help would be much appreciated, because I really don have the money to get someone in to sort this out for me.

Thanks in advance!

  mgmcc 16:50 29 Dec 2005

If you have managed to access the router's configuration settings "wirelessly" from the laptop and get online with it, that's fine. It doesn't need to be configured again from the desktop PC; you should now just be able to connect to the router from the desktop with either a wired or a wireless connection. The Netgear DG834G is actually one of the few routers that can be configured "wirelessly" out-of-the-box.

If you connect the Desktop PC by ethernet cable to one of the router's LAN ports and ensure the Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings are configured to get the IP and DNS addresses automatically, it should be online.

  retep888 16:56 29 Dec 2005

Is the router new? If not, try reset it by push in the reset hole at the back of the router,that'll clear any old settings and start it from scratch.

Remember you don't have to be on internet to configure the router,click your browser,never mind the cannot open page error message,just type in in the address bar and click enter,you should be in the router's set up page.

  pifko 18:56 29 Dec 2005

Hiya guys, thanks for the responses. Yes I know you dont have to be online to change the configuration, even though it's done in a browser.

Thing is, I had tried configuring it using my desktop before I even tried the laptop...I have it wired up to port 1 of the router, using the cat5E cable provided and I still cant get online with the desktop!

The router is new, if I reset it, will I still be able to get online with my laptop, or does it only change things like passord etc to access the router and firelwall etc settings?

BUT, I dont think I need to reset it. Seeing as I can already configure and get online with it using my laptop. It must be something wrong with some settings on my desktop, would anyone know what?

  retep888 19:34 29 Dec 2005

No,you don't have to reset it if it's new particularly you've got it configured with your laptop already.

One thing is, did you use your desktop to get online with a usb modem? And did you uninstall the modem software or at least disabled it before you trying to use the router?

  pifko 19:39 29 Dec 2005

I did use my desktop to get online with my USB modem, and no, I havent uninstalled the software before trying to use the router...

Should I?

I have disabled ZoneAlarm, just in case...

  mgmcc 19:49 29 Dec 2005

Probably the first thing you should do with the desktop, if you have connected it properly by ethernet cable to the router, is to open a Command Prompt window, run the command IPCONFIG /ALL and see what addresses have been allocated to your network adapter. You should have something like:

Dhcp Enabled - Yes

Autoconfiguration Enabled - Yes

IP Address - 192.168.0.x (where "x" is between 2 &254)

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway -

DHCP Server -

DNS Servers -

  pifko 22:44 29 Dec 2005

Oh, Ok thanks. I dont have access to my desktop till the morning, so I'll have a look then.

I have tried releasin and renewing my IP a few times before...That still didnt work...


Thanks anyway guys!

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