i posted this in speakers corner

  denis93c 18:18 29 Apr 2006

after i installed the game,i get error message"CANNOT RUN WITH OUT CD-ROM".
the cd is clean,i am running windows xp with norton 2006 and 256mb ram,30 gb hard drive.
what could the problem be?

  SG Atlantis® 18:30 29 Apr 2006

click here for the other thread

  denis93c 18:43 29 Apr 2006

i can assure this copy is 100 per cent legal,i bought it,in my home town .

  SG Atlantis® 18:48 29 Apr 2006

what I meant was if you have clonedvd or whatever software for copying disks, games can detect this software is present and not run. The copy software is perfectly legal by the way, it's some games that won't run with it installed.

I didn't accuse or assume anything.

  denis93c 19:09 29 Apr 2006

sorry,no i don`t have clone dvd or any-thing like that.
i only have a cd-rw drive,makers is aopen.

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